Case Gauge - 30 Carbine
Case Gauge - 30 Carbine
Patented Tri-Step Face DesignPatented OAL Indicator
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Case Gauges allow you to test your reloads (and factory ammunition) before you fire them. There is nothing more frustrating than getting to a competition and then finding out that you have function failures due to your ammunition.

New Patented Tri-Step Face Design
Bottom Step Shows Min Case Length
Middle Step Shows Max Case Length
Upper Step Shows Max Headspace

CNC Machined for Precision
Machined to SAAMI Minimum Chamber Specs.
Stainless Steel for Durability & Stability
Knurled Band for Secure Grip
NEW Min COL Notch (Patent Pending)

This Gauge Will Measure:
Max and Min Cartridge Length (COL)
Minimum and Maximum Case Length
Maximum Case Diameter
Minimum and Maximum Headspace

Easy as 1, 2, 3!
1) Place a clean cartridge into the gauge and make sure that it completely seats by itself with no assistance. If the cartridge does not easily drop into the gauge without assistance, there is most likely something wrong with the dimensions of the cartridge.

2) The head of the brass should sit flush within the lower or upper step of the gauge. If the cartridge sits higher than the upper step, your brass is too long and may not chamber.

3) Also check to make sure the tip of the bullet is not protruding beyond the face of the gauge. If the bullet tip protrudes from the end of the gauge it is longer than the maximum allowed cartridge length.

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.30 Carbine
Manufactured in Malden Massachusetts, by American workers on American machines!
US Patent No. D846,276, European Patent No. 005505526-0001, UK Patent No. 6039401

To download the SAAMI Specs for this cartridge, click on the icon at left.
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