ProHands Tactical
ProHands Tactical
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Dry-firing is not enough. You must train your entire hand, wrist & forearm to lock on the target. Prohands® is the No. 1 hand exerciser in the world thanks to spring-loaded pistons for each finger. We added a laser sight for tactical training … and this combination is key. Outside the range, Prohands® is the most effective way to train for accuracy. You can train safely regardless if you are dry firing from a static position or on the move.

Train your Entire Hand, Wrist & Forearm to Lock on the Target
Laser Provides Immediate Feedback
Improves Accuracy & Control
Develops Muscle Memory & Dexterity

We believe that your entire hand, wrist and forearm should be measurably stronger than necessary to operate your handgun. This will allow you to relax your hand and control the weapon with confidence. If your hand is stressed and strained, you will not be operating within your confidence zone. We recommend that you strengthen your hands to a higher level than is necessary to stay locked on the target, so when you are required to perform, you remain well within your capability.

Available in 4 Color-Coded Tensions
5 lbs per finger
7 lbs per finger
9 lbs per finger
11 lbs per finger
Sold Out
Sold Out
(T1589-03) (T1589-04)

The Prohands Tactical was featured in Shooting Illustrated!
Shooting Illustrated - "Five Handgun Training Tools You Can Use at Home"; Monday, October 21 2019. Click Here to Read

Prohands without Laser Prohands® Without A Laser
The Prohands® is also available without a Laser. Since the laser is removable, it can be moved from one Prohands® to another as needed. As your strength increases, you won't need buy another laser when it is time to transition to a higher tension Prohands®
Now Available in XX-Heavy (13lb) Tension!
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Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 4.0
UsefulI found this most helpful for working on tracking my grip while moving or on tracking swinging targets (in my backyard, in my garage, etc). The full-time on laser feature was useful for this. A crimson trace would be similarly useful, but at times you might prefer to not brandish a gun during wife really hates me shuffling around in my backyard with a (empty) pistol, even a blue/red gun.
This does NOT perfectly replicate the grip dynamic of a pistol, obviously. Only a pistol will do that. But you can work trigger finger isolation somewhat and the laser helps self-training. You can use it as a grip strengthener, but overall this isn't as good as the Captains of Crush grip trainers, which many pro pistol shooters use for true grip strengthening.
Written by Scott on Fri 28 Oct 2016 7:52:32 PM GMT
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