BUGBite Holster
BUGBite Holster
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This product is being discontinued.
Only Left Hand models remain in stock.

The BUGBite holster was designed for maximum comfort and concealment.  Conforms to the shape of the human leg ensuring that your firearm is supported properly and securely. So comfortable you'll forget you are even carrying a pistol. The BUGBite Holster has a Velcro® Tension Strap at the top that prevents the holster from sliding down your calf during vigorous activity.

Features & Benefits
More Comfortable than Ankle Holsters
Conforms to Your Calf for Comfort & Security
Keeps Firearm Oriented Vertically
No Velcro® or Snaps for a Silent Draw
Light Weight Breathable Neoprene
One Holster fits Many Firearms

Because these holsters are designed to ergonomically conform to the shape of your body, it's important that you read and follow the size guidelines.  This little bit of extra work will help ensure that you get the perfect holster the first time you order.  We believe that a little bit of extra time spent now will reward you in spades when you take delivery of what we consider to be the greatest holster ever designed, and certainly the last concealment holster you'll ever want.

For more details on finding the correct size holster for your calf,  Click Here.
NOTE: The Size Chart above has been updated to provide a tighter fit. It will not match the size chart on the current product package.

Will My Gun Fit?
To confirm your pistol will fit the BUGBite Holster, Click Here.

BUGBite Logo FAQ
Q: What is the fastest technique to access my backup gun when wearing a BUGBite Holster?
A: Simply grasp your pant leg on either side of your calf, about 3 or 4 inches below your knee, and pull upward. The fabric will glide easily over the BUGBite holster and gun. Do not roll up your pant leg.

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 2 reviews: 5.0
BUGbite for primary carryI had a special need as the head of security for my church. I'd been carrying a wimpy subcompact pocket pistol chambered in .380 which I felt was inadequate. My need was for total concealment, accessibility while seated and for a period of no more than three hours. With my BUGbite, I am able to carry my Glock 30s which is my EDC. I don't pretend that this would work for an entire day, but for the three hours it's needed, it has worked well and I'm more comfortable with the firepower I now have. Written by HXCD6 on Fri 16 Dec 2016 5:07:11 PM GMT
Bug Bite HolsterBought the Holster directly from the BugBite company and unfortunately it is not going to work for me. I have tried to contact them time and time again without success. Left a review here thinking it was them. Well what blessing in disguise ! Lee has been most helpful in assisting to remedy my situation. I only wish I had found Uniquetek first. I will be a loyal Uniquetek fan going forward. Lee will go above and beyond to help. Five Stars PLUS !! Written by Brett Rossuck on Sat 12 Nov 2016 2:23:39 PM GMT
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