Breaux Target Bottle Targets (3-Pk)
Breaux Target Bottle Targets (3-Pk)
Bottle Target Shot Over 30 Times
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Breaux Target Bottle Targets™ are a totally new concept in reactive targets … and target materials. Bottle Targets™ are molded in the shape of a longneck beer bottle from Riceylene®, an organic material derived from rice. The Riceylene® material is easily penetrated by rimfire and centerfire ammunition* yet doesn't shatter. Each Bottle Target™ can be shot many times.
* Do not use AirSoft guns, BB guns, or Pellet guns with this target as ricochet is possible.

Bottle Target
Durable — Reuse Many Times!
High Visibility Blaze Orange Color
No Sharp Fragments or other Debris to Pick Up After Shooting
Hole in Top for Easy Hanging
Cordage for Hanging Included (3′ for each bottle).

Sold in 3-Packs!

NEW! Now Available in Bulk Boxes!
Breaux Target Bottle Targets™ are now available in a 48 count box for shooting ranges and special events. Cordage for hanging is included with each bottle. They are drop shipped directly from the manufacturer.
Price = $150.00 per 48ct box.              (Please call to order.   Allow 1 week lead time.)

Grab a few longnecks and head to the range!

Bottle Height 8.5″
Bottle Diameter 2.5″
Base Flange Diameter 3.25″
Color Blaze Orange
Weight 5oz
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