Breaux Target Bottle Targets (3-Pk)
Breaux Target Bottle Targets (3-Pk)
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Breaux Target Bottle Targets™ are a totally new concept in reactive targets … and target materials. Bottle Targets™ are molded in the shape of a longneck beer bottle from Riceylene®, an organic material derived from rice. The Riceylene® material is easily penetrated by rimfire and centerfire ammunition* yet doesn't shatter. Each Bottle Target™ can be shot many times.
* Do not use AirSoft guns, BB guns, or Pellet guns with this target as ricochet is possible.

Bottle Target
Durable — Reuse Many Times!
High Visibility Blaze Orange Color
No Sharp Fragments or other Debris to Pick Up After Shooting
Flanged Base Keeps "Bottle" Upright
Holes for Easy Hanging:
— 1, 3/8″ Hole in Top Center
— 2, 5/16″ Holes in "Neck"

Sold in 3-Packs!

NEW! Now Available in Bulk Boxes!
Breaux Target Bottle Targets™ are now available in a 48 count box for shooting ranges and special events. They are drop shipped directly from the manufacturer.
Price = $150.00 per 48ct box.              (Please call to order.   Allow 1 week lead time.)

Grab a few longnecks and head to the range!

Bottle Height 8.5″
Bottle Diameter 2.5″
Base Flange Diameter 3.25″
Color Blaze Orange
Weight 5oz
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