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.22LR Double-Stack Mag Loader

The 22UpLULA™ pistol mag. loader & unloader is designed to load .22LR wide‑body pistol mags. > 1/2″, like .22LR 1911 mags and other .22LR converted mags. It has the body width of the UpLULA™ but has a narrower metal beak designed for .22LR rounds.

NOTE: It will not load .380 to .45 cal. mags!

To see a list of the magazines that will work, and will not work, with the 22UpLULA™, Click Here.

UpLULA holding

Plan on loading mostly single-stack conversion mags? Check out the 1911AI - Aligner Insert. It keeps single-stack mags centered in the 22 UpLULA™ or UpLULA™ but is quickly and easily removed to load double-stack mags. Click Here.

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