Stuck Case Remover Kit
Stuck Case Remover Kit
Stuck Case Remover - In Use
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The UniqueTek Stuck Case Remover kit allows you to quickly remove stuck cases from sizing dies without damaging the Die Body or the Expander/Decap assembly. It is unique in that it utilizes the power of your single-stage reloading press to remove the stuck case.

After the primer pocket is drilled through the case web and threaded 1/4″-20, the die is reinstalled in the press and the Stuck Case Puller assembly is installed on your press ram … just like any shell holder. The ram is raised and the Stuck Case Puller Assembly is threaded into the case web. On the down stroke of the press ram, the stuck case is removed from the die and off the Expander/Decap assembly.

Included in Kit:
#7 Drill Bit
1/4″-20 Thread Tap
Stuck Case Puller Assembly
For use on single-stage presses only.

Q: Can it be used on a Forster Co-Ax Press?
A: Yes, but you'll need a Forster Shellholder Adapter Plate (#AP1000)

Q: Can it be used on a Dillon RL 550, XL 650 or XL 750 Progressive Press?
A: Yes, but you'll need a UniqueTek SOLO™ Single Stage Conversion Kit (T1553).

Q: Is a wrench or other tool needed to screw the tip of the Stuck Case Puller Assembly into the
Q: case web? I am worried about not having enough clearance to swing a wrench.
A: No. Your fingertips are the only tool needed. So, having enough clearance is not an issue.

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Customer Reviews

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stuck case removal toolAfter 40 years of reloading I had the misfortune to get a case stuck. REALLY STUCK! Unique Tex to the rescue. Lucky for me I don't live too far from Lee's facility, so after a short drive over Lee and I had a chat about stuck case removers and he also gave me some pointers. I returned home and went to work. I got the case stuck while working with a Dillion 550 but decided to use my Rock Chucker for the "extraction". Following the instructions (yes I read them) I trying to remove the case I encountered a small problem, Having a bum shoulder I couldn't get enough pull on the lever. With some Yankee engineering, I used a wood working "bar clamp" to apply pressure to the lever then a moderate tap to the lever with a hammer the case popped out!!! No damage to anything (except the case) and I was back in business again thanks to Unique Tek. I highly recommend this product, and it's probably a good idea to have one on hand just incase or you may not be reloading while you wait for mail man to come. Written by WENDELL GIST on Sat 25 Aug 2018 4:50:50 AM GMT
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