Extreme Lube - Case Resizing Lubrication
Extreme Lube - Case Resizing Lubrication
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Tired of using case lubes that dent your cases if you apply to much?
Tired of using a lube pad and having to do your cases individually?
Tired of spraying on your case lube and still sticking a case?
Tired of trying every soap and chemical under the sink to get some of the lubes off?
If you answered yes to any of the above then you are a candidate for this product.

"After using several of our competitors products we just couldn’t continue to settle. Using a wet tumbling method we have managed to get our wash time down from 2 hours to 30 minutes just by simply using our proprietary formula." — Jerry Threet - Extreme Reloading

Extreme Reloading's “environmentally friendly,” non-aerosol Extreme Lube is quick and simple to use, and allows for no hassle lubrication of the case body before resizing. Simply lay your cases out, spray, roll your cases over, give another spray and within minutes the lubricant distributes itself around the cartridge cases and you’re ready to size.

Application Rate:
We recommend 8 squirts of case lube per 100 .223/5.56 cases.

TIP: We have found our best results when putting the cases into a mixing bowl, spraying the cases, flipping the cases in the bowl, letting them dry for a few minutes and then moving forward with the sizing process. See the video below.

Q: Can Extreme Lube be used on a lube pad?
A: Absolutely! Simply spray it onto the pad and allow a few minutes for the carrier solvent to evaporate before lubing cases. When switching lubes, we always recommend starting with a new clean lube pad.

About Extreme Reloading:
Extreme Reloading has been in business for over 6 years, was in the retail business of selling reloading supplies, and also as taught their local customers how to reload in a classroom environment for over 5 years. In late 2017 we closed down the retail operation, went strictly online, and moved solely to ammunition.

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Features Benefits
Non-Aerosol Pump Spray Environmentally Friendly
Water Soluble Easily Removed After Loading
Powder & Primer Compatible Will Not Contaminate Powders or Kill Primers

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 2 reviews: 5.0
I'd Definitely Recommend it Over Dillon Case LubeI tried the lube today. The pump on the spray bottle leaked on me pretty good. It sprayed well, but leaked a decent amount down the front and onto my hands.

The lube itself was really good. Like I said, it got on my hands so I decided to let it dry and to my surprise, it wasn't sticky like the Lanolin based stuff I've used. There was definitely something left, a slick film, but not so bad I felt I needed to wipe my hands. I like it.

It ran in the 1050, sizing and trimming 223 perfectly. Since there didn't seem to be a tacky film left, I contemplated leaving it on the brass, but I still don't want the film getting inside my magazines. I tumbled it off as I normally do the lanolin lube. (I currently mix my own lube, Alcohol and Lanolin.)

I tried some on some machine gun fired 7.62 from the coast guard. At first I had a hell of a time sizing, but soon realized I had lubed them standing up in a block and didn't get any lube down low on them. I Re-applied the lube to the whole case, and they sized really well. Not easily, as that brass is always a PITA, but just as good as the Dillon or other Lanolin based lube.

I'm going to leave the lube on the 7.62 brass and see if it ends up tacky after a couple days or just stays slick like it is now. Overall, great stuff. I'd definitely recommend it over Dillon lube.
Written by Greg F. on Tue 29 May 2018 3:45:03 PM GMT
No Case Problems at AllI used it this weekend and I really like it a lot, no case problems at all. I plan on switching to your lube as soon as I get rid of all the other lubes I have now. Written by Eric Johnson on Fri 4 May 2018 9:38:23 PM GMT
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