Component Recovery Cup
Component Recovery Cup
Component Recovery CupComponent Recovery Cup on Dillon Powder Measure
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Updated Design!

When pulling bullets from loaded rounds, the Component Recovery Cup™ makes recovering and separating the powder, bullet and case an easy task. Simply pour the components directly from your bullet puller into the Component Recovery Cup™. A few shakes and the powder passes through the holes in the bottom of the cup.

Fits on Top of Powder Measure Hopper
The Component Recovery Cup™ fits into the top of your Powder Hopper, so the separated powder falls directly back into the powder measure for immediate reuse. It fits into any powder measure hopper with an internal diameter from 1.75″ to 2.7″ and has been tested on Dillon, Lee Auto-Drum, Lyman #55, RCBS Unflow, and Redding 3BR. But you can also use in on top of any convenient container suitable or capturing gunpowder (e.g. Water glass, canning jar, Tupperware container, etc.

Separates Bullets as Small as .22cal.
The nine drain holes in the bottom of the Component Recovery Cup™ are 0.18″ diameter, so it works with all bullets .22 caliber and larger. Yet the holes are large enough to provide rapid draining of long grained powders (e.g. H4350 and H4198) and large flake powders (e.g. Trail Boss).

Laser Symbol   NEW! - Laser Cut Holes
The cup now features laser cut holes. Laser cutting the holes ensures the bottom of the cup remains flat for fast draining.

Dillon Lid on CRC

Q & A
Q: Can I still use the original Dillon Powder Hopper Lid with the Component Recover Cup in place?
A: Yes. But the Dillon Powder Hopper Lid will rest loosely in the Component Recovery Cup. It will not be a press fit as it is on the Dillon Hopper Tube. However, that does make it easier to lift the lid off when you need to use the Component Recovery Cup.

Manufactured by UniqueTek. Made in USA Logo

Material Stainless Steel
Material Thickness 28 Gauge
Drain Holes 9
Drain Hole Diameter 0.18″
Bottom Diameter ≈ 1.55″
Top Diameter (Below Rolled Rim) ≈ 2.55″
Rim Diameter ≈ 1.85″
Height ≈ 1.8″
Weight ≈ 1oz (28g)

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 2 reviews: 5.0
Pure GeniusThis is the simple answer to separating components. If you’ve ever pulled a bullet with a kinetic puller and had that “Senior” moment, and dropped the bullet into the powder hopper, this simple device is for you. I just leave it on top of the hopper and set the hopper cap on it all n case of a primer detonation. (I’ve never had one)
If it saves you from emptying your powder hopper to dig that bullet out just once, it will pay for itself.
Written by Rick Perini on Wed 25 May 2022 8:09:31 AM GMT
Like thiswould love it if it weren't the exact size of the opening on a 1 lb power bottle, a little smaller so it would nest in would make it absolutely perfect Written by mark feriante on Wed 19 Jun 2019 4:52:45 PM GMT
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