.32 Caliber Powder Funnels
.32 Caliber Powder Funnels
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These Powder Funnels were invented out of frustration with powder bridging issues while loading smaller caliber cartridges. They feature a 2-step case neck expander and a "Cowl" that precisely centers the case neck as it enters the powder funnel … features not found in OEM powder funnels. It also features and internal profile that is more conducive to smooth powder flow.

Fits in the Dillon Auto Powder Measure and works on Dillon SDB, RL 550, XL 650, XL 750, RL 1050, Super 1050 and RL 1100 presses.

Available in Four Sizes
General Recommendations:
Accuracy with .32 cal Bullseye pistols is heavily dependent on bore diameters. In general;
- Select +0.0025″ over bullet OD for Plated/Jacketed bullets.
- Select +0.0035″ over bullet OD for Coated or Hard Cast Lead
For 32 ACP using .311″ to .312″ bullets;
- Select 0.3145″ or .3155″
For .32 S&W Long using hard cast lead bullets;
- Select .3165″ or .3175″
For Pardini .32 ACP Handguns, T&B .313/.314″ Bullets are highly recommended.
For .32 S&W Long with hard cast lead bullets (e.g. T&B .313/.314″ Bullets)
- Select .3165″ or .3175″

Three Spacers Included
3 Spacers

Three Spacers (0.500″, 0.625″ and 0.750″) are included to accommodate most cartridge lengths. Simply drop the needed spacer into the powder die on top of the Powder Funnel.

Precision Machined from 12L14 Steel
 Case Hardened to RC55+
Highly Polished Expander Tip for Smooth Release
Smoother Interior for Smooth Powder Flow
Drop In Replacement for Original Dillon Rifle Powder Funnel *
  * Powder Die adjustment will still be required.

Manufactured by Photo Escape, Inc. Made in USA Logo

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 5.0
A Fantastic UpgradeAfter loading a couple thousand rounds with the .3145" funnel/expander I can say:
1) The "cowl" has totally eliminated funnel alignment issues. ZERO waste.
2) The 2-step expander has resolved all bullet alignment issues in bullet seating. ZERO waste from bulges (seating slightly tipped bullets) or cases damaged due to bullets that tip between placement and seating.

This funnel is a fantastic upgrade for reloading .311" JHP .32ACP.
Written by Glen on Tue 30 Oct 2018 5:36:35 PM GMT
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