650 FailSafe Bracket Kit
650 FailSafe Bracket Kit
FailSafe Bracket Kit - Installed
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The Dillon XL 650 press has a very long and narrow Failsafe Bracket. If something jams the powder bar, the Failsafe Bracket can be easily bent. Even under normal operation, the Failsafe Bracket flexes upward slightly at the very bottom of the ram's downward motion. This flex can be aggravated if the wing nut on the Failsafe Rod is adjusted too tightly. Either way, this can result in the powder bar not returning fully to the home position each and every cycle of the press … thus affecting powder charge weight consistency.

The Solution
This FailSafe Bracket is machined from 1/4″ thick 303 Stainless Steel. It is very strong and rigid … ensuring that your powder bar returns to the same position every time.* Plus it features a brass shoulder washer that is held in place with set screws. This ensures that the shoulder washer can't disengage from the Failsafe Bracket!

FailSafe Bracket Kit Includes:
Stainless Steel FailSafe Bracket (replaces #18726 or #13367)
Brass Shoulder Washer (replaces #18086)
1/4-28x1-3/8″ Cap Head Screw (replaces #14138)
10-24x5/8″ Cap Head Screw (replaces #13964)

Manufactured by Photo Escape, Inc.
* Stripper Wing Nut (#13799) must be properly adjusted as per instructions in
the "Dillon XL 650™ Instruction Manual".
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Customer Reviews

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Fast delivery and great little enhancementAlways looking to upgrade/improve my Dillon 650 and find this is another great enhancement from UniqueTek, Easy install, sturdy part, and well thought out. Very easy to remove the brass sleeve if you use the proper sized hex wrench with a ball head. The ball head wrench gives just enough angle to get in there past the frame. Will improve my reloading. Hoping it helps my shooting too - ha! Written by CPTKirk on Fri 30 Oct 2020 12:08:57 PM GMT
Poor Design When Changing Power Measures is Considered.At first this heavy duty piece looks like a great replacement for the stock Dillon part. That is until you try to change power measures. There are two screws holding the brass sleeve in place. Just try to get the 5/64" inch allen wrench in place. You have to get to a screw between the press frame and the failsafe bracket. Pain in the butt. Back to the drawing board boys... Written by Leo Bertling on Wed 9 Sep 2020 4:44:19 PM GMT
Absolutely Improves Powder ConsistencyI enjoy working on my Dillon 650 and in search of the ever elusive and impossible powder throw. After borrowing Greg's Ransom Rest for a prolific period of time, powder amount is the greatest single contributor to the group size I see. Crimp and OAL get adjusted after. That drove me to try and get as consistent of throws as possible. This is a mental game, and I appreciate knowing that the ammunition is good.



So, what's the setup?

Dillon 650 secured to a grounded massive bench that is horribly heavy and bolted to the frame of my home. The press itself is grounded, and has been modified with a Dillon roller handle to smooth things out, modified powder through expander as the stock Dillon tends to "stick" on new starline brass and causes "issues" with precise powder dispensing, Hit Factor shellplate bearing kit, Entirely Crimson Index Bearing Cam Block, Entirely Crimson Roller Cam Follower/Camming Pin, and prairie dog powder baffle. This powder dispenser and expander (internally) I used were not polished, unlike my normal funnel. I will pick up some Flitz and get things in order and post an update as I think there will be some gains, but that should apply to both equally regardless. All powder was filled to the same level to start after verifying charges. I used new starline brass at the beginning of each to ensure no grains stuck to the side. The scale is a lab grade, accurate to .02 grains and was left on for 30 minutes to minimize drift and I used batteries to isolate from the home's relatively noisy power.

I selected 3 common powders and threw 20 each. WST, Bullseye and Titegroup. VVN310 to follow once I polish the funnel and get ready to load for some matches and Varget as I want to see how it handles extruded powders for those of us who shoot rifle. Apologies in advance for the incomplete data. So the question I was trying to answer, was, with only modifying one component of my press, the bracket, could I improve my consistency across various powders. The answer is, yes. The data in the table (which I can't show) highlights any charge over .06 gr from the base 4.6 gr charge in yellow and the charges above .08 from the base in red. I then did some basic looks at the information and as you can see the Photo Escape outperformed the Dillon OEM in 13 of 18, tied in 4 and lost in only 1 by a very small margin. Pretty good. I did notice more variation than normal, which may be due to the weather. One surprise was the 4.82 gr throw of WST using the Dillon FailSafe bracket. I've never seen that before, but I measured twice, on two separate scales, so the data stays.

When you lay all 60 charges down and compare between the Dillon OEM and the Photo Escape in my view it stands alone. An already very good press is significantly better. No charge was over +/- .06 after installing the Photo Escape FailSafe Bracket Kit across 3 powders.

The Photo Escape FailSafe Bracket Kit for the Dillon 650 is significantly stronger and more well made. It uses forgoes the plastic shoulder washer and has an adjustable machine screw vice the stamped projection in the OEM. The only down side is that I can remove the powder funnel very quickly to dump and with the Photo Escape there are two set screws that you have to remove first. No big deal, I'll take the small delay over the performance.
Written by JayhawkNavy02 on Sat 11 Jan 2020 5:42:05 PM GMT
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