ELF-SE Trigger
ELF-SE Trigger
ELF-SE with Curved Trigger ShoeELF-SE with Straight Trigger ShoeThe World's Safest Trigger!
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The ELF-SE Drop-In Trigger maintains the Elftmann reputation for quality, craftsmanship and customer service in an affordable package. It features a non-adjustable 3.5lb pull weight, non-skeletonize trigger and no bearings…but we’ll put it up against any trigger made - except our performance series utilizing sealed bearings. Like all ELF triggers, it is made of wire EDM machined, hardened A2 tool steel and lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum.

Double Wound Polished Piano Wire Hammer Spring
Our exclusive .043″ double double wound polished piano wire hammer spring ensures full ignition of any ammo including .308 and 7.62x39.

Glass-Rod Crisp Break
The amazingly short takeup, glass-rod crisp break and next to zero over-travel can be compared to the finest custom 1911 triggers. If you are looking for the finest non-adjustable trigger for your service AR-15 platform, this is the trigger system for you.

Drop-In Installation
Installation can be done in minutes using your AR's original hammer and trigger pins. Fits both AR-15 and AR-10 Rifles.

ELF Logo 100% made in America with a Lifetime Guarantee! Installation
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Note: This product can not be shipped outside the United States in accordance with International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).
Features Benefits
Non-Adjustable 3.5lb Pull Weight About 50% Lighter than a Standard AR-15 Trigger
Ultra-Light Housing Total Weight is Just 2.3oz
Very Short Pull and Reset Allows for Rapid Follow-up Shots and Greater Accuracy.
Absolutely Drop-Safe Protects from Accidental Discharge if Rifle is Dropped
Exclusive Double Double Wound Hammer Spring and Heavy Hammer Ensures Proper Ignition of Any Ammunition
Made of Lightweight Aircraft-Grade Aluminum and Hardened A2 Tool Steel Sturdy Trigger Assembly Designed for Rugged, Trouble-Free Use.
Unique Design of Disconnect Allows Full 1/4″ Width Eliminates Possibility of Wear and Double-Firing
Small Pin and Large Pin Versions Available Fits Any Mil-Spec AR-15 ... Including Colt!
Fits Both AR-15 and AR-10 Rifles Provides the Same Trigger "Feel" on Both Rifles
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