Armor Shield CF33 VCI Emitter
Armor Shield CF33 VCI Emitter
CF33 VCI Emitter with TagCF33 VCI Emitter in Gun CabinetCF33 VCI Emitter hanging in Gun Safe
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ARMOR Shield® CF33 Corrosion Inhibiting Emitters are the most advanced VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) emitter available due to their reticulated foam design and versatility. These shield-shaped emitters are impregnated with ARMOR's proprietary corrosion inhibiting Nanotechnology™ and they emit protective vapors into enclosed spaces. Released vapors attach themselves to metal surfaces and form an invisible nanocoating only a few molecules thick to protect metal from corrosion.**

ARMOR Shield® CF33 Corrosion Inhibiting Emitter's unique capillary action allows vapors to be released at a controlled rate over a long period of time and, depending upon air flow and conditions, the Shield emitter protects for 12-24 months. Shield emitters are just 3.5″x4″x1/4″ in size. They are light weight and can be easily hung in your safe. Each individual Shield emitter offers the potential to cover 17-33 cubic feet of enclosed space, depending on the emitter’s placement. Multiple Shield emitters can be used to cover larger spaces.

Just 3.5″x4″x1/4″
Covers 17-33 Cubic Feet (Enclosed Space)
Protects for 12 to 24 Months
CLEAN: No Messy Oil/Grease
SAFE: Non-Toxic, Environmentally Freindly
EASY: No Surface Preparation; Just Date, Hang & Shut Door

Included: 2 Armor Shield CF33 VCI Emitters per package. †

† Each CF33 VCI Emitter is individually packaged in 4mil thick poly and heat sealed … ensuring a 2 year shelf life.
** Not compatible with silver or silver plate.
Do not use in conjunction with an Activated Carbon Adsorber. The activated carbon will adsorb the VCI vapors and become saturated.
Although the ARMOR Shield photos show blue foam, the color may change without notice. The color of the foam has not bearing on the performance of the emitter.
ARMOR SHIELD is a registered trademark
of Armor Protective Packaging.
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Size 3-1/2″x4″x1/4″
Weight 0.32oz (9g)
Material Reticulated Foam
Coverage (Enclosed Space) 17-33 Cubic Feet
Use Life 12 to 24 Months
Shelf Life (in original sealed container) 2 Years
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