Deflector Brake Kit
Deflector Brake Kit
4 Deflector Brakes per PackageDeflector Brake Protects BrassDeflector Brake Safety ZoneDeflector Brake Brass Scatter PatternDeflector Brake Brass Ejection Pattern
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The Deflector Brake reduces unpredictable ricochet of hot brass off the AR rifle brass deflector. It is a simple peel and stick accessory and fits standard AR15 platform upper receivers.

Deflects Brass Forward and Away from Shooter and Range Officer
Reduces Speed and Distance the Brass Travels by 60%
Protects Receiver Finish from Wear
Minimizes Damage to Brass Cases

Just peel, stick and forget it is there.* It will immediately go to work. And shooters next to you will appreciate not being showered with hot brass!
* The surface should be cleaned first using an alcohol prep pad (not included).

We recommend swapping out Deflector Brakes after about 1000 rounds to maintain the desired affects. Results will vary as no two rifles or shooting conditions are the same.

Included in Kit
4 Deflector Brakes

Deflector Brake is a trademark of Tactical Solutions, LLC.
US Patent # 9,791,227
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Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 5.0
It Works GREAT!First off, I’ve got to say that I received my shipment of the Deflector Brake Kit the next morning after my order!! You guys put Amazon to shame!
I installed the Brake bumper on my gun that afternoon. The installation was easy and I experienced no problems at all.
The reason I wanted to try this item is that 99.9% of my shooting is on indoor ranges here in the Valley. Usually with a friend or my Grandson.
When someone is observing the shooting they stand to my right and occasionally they get “pelted” with a spent casing!
But, the major PITA that I experience is spent casings bouncing behind me onto the floor.
This makes a precarious situation with me stepping on them and possible slipping, not to mention other range customers on the way to and from their shooting positions slipping on the empty casings.
So every few rounds I have to grab the ranges broom and sweep the casings forward into the area in front of the shooting position!
That was until I fitted the Deflector Brake! It worked GREAT! All the casings went forward onto the floor in the range and I had NO cleaning chores and no chance of taking a fall!
A simple, BUT fantastic product!
Written by David Ellithorpe on Mon 25 Feb 2019 5:50:30 PM GMT
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