Travel Gun Vaults
Travel Gun Vaults
AR-110 with Key Lock - OpenAR-110 with Key Lock - ClosedAR-120 with Key Lock - OpenAR-120 with Key Lock - Closed39″ Security Cable - Rated for 1,600 lbLaser Cut Keys (2 included)
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On AR-110 Only.

We saw the prototypes of these Travel Gun Vaults at Shot Show 2019 and we thought they were the "Best of Show".

These Gun Vaults provide a mobile secure and safe storage place for handguns and valuables at home, in the car, or while traveling. Easily fits in suitcase, drawer or under a car seat and meets TSA airline firearms guidelines.*

High Security Locks with Laser Cut Keys
The high security locks use "Laser Cut" keys (also known as "Sidewinder" keys). These locks are extremely difficult to pick. The keys have cuts that run along the flat sides of the key … rather than top and bottom edge … making them difficult to duplicate without specialized equipment. Another advantage is that the key can be inserted in either orientation to open the lock. The key cannot be removed unless the vault is locked … so you can't forget to lock the safe.

39″ Security Cable
A 39″ Security Cable is included with both models and makes it easy to lock the vault to any convenient strong anchor point. The cable is vinyl coated to prevent marring the finish of the anchor point.

Heavy Duty Piano Hinge
The heavy duty piano hinge is custom made with a large 3/16″ diameter steel pin that can't be driven out. The lid swings open a full 180 degrees for easy loading and unloading.

Egg Crate Foam Lining
The lining consists of three layers of foam. The lid is lined with 1/2″ egg crate foam that is glued in so it can't fall out of place. The bottom is lined with 1/2″ egg crate foam over 3/8″ of flat foam that is not glued in place. So the flat foam layer can be removed to adjust the fit if needed.

9.5″ x 6.5″ x 1.75″ 10.5″ x 7.5″ x 2.1875″
Material Steel, 16 Gauge (0.0625″) Steel, 14 Gauge (0.0781″)
Anti-Pry Plates Front and Sides Full Coverage including
all 4 Corners
Lock Laser Cut Key Laser Cut Key
Locking Tabs 1 2 (7/16″ x 3/16″ Steel)
Padding Egg Crate Foam Egg Crate Foam
2 lb 14 oz 5 lb 2 oz
Warranty ** Lifetime Lifetime
TSA Approved * Yes Yes
Limited Inventory
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No Backorders

† Check dimensions of your firearm against vault's listed dimensions to ensure fit. Internal dimensions are approximately 1/2″ less than external dimensions.
* Check TSA regulations and airline policies before traveling with any portable safe.
Follow all local laws for firearm storage.
** Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty.

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NOTE: Although both model AR-110 and AR-120 are shown together in the product photo, they are sold separately. Firearms, passports and currency shown in photo are not included.
Material AR-110: 16 Gauge Steel (0.0625″)
AR-120: 14 Gauge Steel (0.0781″)
Finish Powder Coat, Black
Dimensions (External) AR-110: 9.5″ x 6.5″ x 1.75″
AR-120: 10.5″ x 7.5″ x 2.1875″
(Subtract approximately 1/2″ for internal dimensions.)
Access High Security Lock with Laser Cut Keys (2 Included)
Locking Tabs AR-110 = 1
AR-120 = 2
Hinge Piano Hinge with Hinge Pin Welded in to Prevent Removal
Security Cable 39″, 1,600 lb Rated, Vinyl Coated
Security Cable Attachment Point AR-110: Front Left Side
AR-120: Rear Left Side
Weight (Empty) AR-110 = 2 lb 14 oz
AR-120 = 5 lb 2 oz
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