Stripper Clip Loading Block
Stripper Clip Loading Block
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As of: 4/20/23

There are lots of tools to load .223/5.56 ammo from stripper clips into magazines, but nothing to load loose rounds onto stripper clips … until now!

Updated Design
We refined the design so that each individual round is now supported 360 degrees at the case shoulder. This provides more precise alignment … especially of the first and last rounds in the block.

Aids Loading .223/5.56 Ammo onto Stripper Clips
Holds 10 Rounds in Perfect Alignment
Works with all .223/5.56 Stripper Clips
(e.g. USGI, Thermold, RUAG/GECO)
CNC Machined from Solid Aluminum
Compact, Light Weight & Easy to Carry

Also works with 300 AAC Blackout!
A customer tried it with 300 AAC Blackout and it worked just fine! I suspect it will also work some with other cartridges that use .223 Remington as a "Parent Case".

The Stripper Clip Loading Block is so simple to use, it almost doesn't need instructions!
  1. Orient Stripper Clip Loading Block upright on a table or in your hand.
  2. Drop 10 cartridges into the slot.
  3. Slide on a stripper clip.
  4. Remove loaded stripper clip.
    Its just that simple!!!
Design Benefits:
The cartridges are supported by the case shoulder … NOT the bullet tip and the bottom is open. This design provides several advantages.
  • Bullet points do not touch the bottom so can't be damaged.
  • Can be used with any 5.56/.223 bullet type/profile including VLD, ELD, Hollow Point, Polymer Tip, Frangible, etc.
  • Any residues fall through so can't collect in the bottom.

Method 1: Loading a Stripper Clip in 16 Seconds!

Method 2: Loading a Stripper Clip Even Faster!

This technique is even faster … about 5 seconds flat. Even if you add the time needed to orient the rounds (about 4 seconds), it is much faster than picking them up two or three at a time. It helps if done on a soft, resilient surface that keeps the rounds from rolling out of position. And, although you can't see it in the video, I'm not laying the block flat on the table. I'm holding it with the bottom raised at a shallow angle. This helps the bullet points start into the block more smoothly.

Sample of THERMOLD™ Stripper Clips Included FREE
Each Stripper Clip Loading Block come with three free THERMOLD™ Stripper Clips. If you've never tried them before, they are a plastic stripper clip that can't rust and there is no brass tab to break off. So they can be reused many times.

.223 Remington Ammunition shown in photo is not included. Made in USA Logo

Dimensions (outside) 4-1/8″ L x 2″ H x 3/4″ W
Material Aluminum
Weight 5.7 oz

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 3 reviews: 5.0
I love itIt's easy to use and a lot faster than with out it.. Written by Thomas Collins on Tue 8 Oct 2019 11:22:41 AM GMT
I love itYou need to get this it works great. I'm getting some for friends. Written by TC on Wed 4 Sep 2019 6:55:55 PM GMT
Excellent ideaGreat idea, will save me lots of time and sore fingers. Just ordered one and can't wait to receive it. Written by Steve on Wed 10 Jul 2019 6:59:36 PM GMT
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