650 Primer Feed Stop Switch
650 Primer Feed Stop Switch
Primer Feed Stop Switch - AnimationPrimer Feed Stop Switch - OperationPrimer Feed Stop Switch - Exploded View
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This Primer Feed Stop Switch allows you to temporarily disable the XL 650 Primer System. It simply replaces the original Primer Cam and can be switched from ON to OFF in just a few seconds without any tools.

Deactivates 650 Primer Feed Mechanism
Allows for Easier Recovery from Press Malfunctions and Jams
• Allows for Easier Die Adjustment
• Saves the Time Needed to Return Primers to Primer Magazine

Ball Detent for ON Position
Allows for Easier Recovery from Press Malfunctions and Jams
• Easy Bolt On Installation

1) This product is NOT compatible with the new Dillon XL 750 Press.
2) Although photos show black anodizing, the actual color may be black, red, gold or blue. Due to the small production run sizes, our parts are grouped in with whatever color anodizing is being run at that time.

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Customer Reviews

Average rating from 3 reviews: 4.3
Great Upgrade to my Dillon 650This switch is the best upgrade I’ve done to my press. It easy to switch on and off and makes stopping my primers easy. Written by Gordon Blank on Fri 8 May 2020 2:10:54 AM GMT
Great product, fine priceThis is a very useful tool. Put it on immediately and have used it several times. I see no problem paying $30 to enhance a several hundred dollar press. Glad someone figured out an inexpensive and easy solution to wasting primers down the ramp. Written by Jeff on Sat 18 Apr 2020 5:40:01 AM GMT
Nice but over pricedI do like the idea and design, but in my opinion it’s way over priced. I wouldn’t buy it again if I had the option. Also, why the gold color? Written by Brian on Tue 11 Feb 2020 12:40:52 AM GMT
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