650/750 Case Feed Stop Switch
650/750 Case Feed Stop Switch
Case Feed Stop Switch - OFF PositionCase Feed Stop Switch - Animation
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This Case Feed Stop Switch allows you to temporarily disable the XL 650 or XL 750 Case Feed System. It simply replaces the original Case Insert Slide Cam and can be switched from ON to OFF in just a few seconds without any tools.

Deactivates Case Feed Mechanism
Allows for Easier Recovery from Press Malfucntions and Jams
• Allows for Easier Die Adjustment
• Saves the Time Needed to Return Cases to Casefeed Bowl

Ball Detents at "ON" and "OFF" Positions
Easy Bolt On Installation
• Durable Anodized Aluminum Base

Faster Conversion from Pistol to Rifle
When it comes time to switch from pistol to rifle cartridges, all you do is slide the cam off the base, swap ends and slide it back onto the base. No tools are needed!

Also Protects Casefeed Body Assembly!
If the Casefeed Body Assembly jams, the Case Feed Stop Switch will automatically release and move to the "OFF" position. For example, if you are loading 45 ACP and have a case with a 40 S&W case stuck inside, it will jam. The extra force will defeat the ball detent of the Case Feed Stop Switch … thus protecting the Casefeed Body Assembly, as well as the Case Insert Slide & Slide Cam, from damage.

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Customer Reviews

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A must have upgrade!!! It will put a smile on your face.On my XL750 this has been probaably one of the best upgrades I have installed.
Just an extreme convenience and time saver.
You will be amazed at how much you will use this little guy.
Easy one handed casefeed stop and start.
Superior to the nonexistent Dillon version that requires 2 hands to stop.
Changeover to rifle is so simple and easy and no tools required.
Quality of construction is obvious and I have in excess of 20,000 rounds with no issues what so ever.
Written by Dermako on Mon 6 Feb 2023 3:56:08 PM GMT
Must have for the “Lazy” man or womanThis again is what Dillon should have done. It makes it a breeze to stop the cases from dropping if you have an issue to fix or you’re just out of bullets. Additionally, it is MUCH easier to switch from rifle to pistol. (No tools required)X Written by Rick Perini on Fri 29 Jan 2021 8:29:25 PM GMT
Works Great. Not as Pictured.This works great as there is no need to have a clip or piece of brass floating around to disengage the case feeder. It also makes switching the block from pistol to rifle and back much faster.
I was disappointed upon delivery to discover the aluminum coating was red and not blue as shown in the picture. It really sticks out on my blue Dillon press. Non-the-less it works great, just irritates my OCD every time I look at it. Additionally, the recess in the plastic block is different. it almost appears as if the wrong tool was installed while milling. Mine looks to be, what can best be described as, a sad pineapple shape. I would prefer a simple "P" and "R", as the standard Dillon block has,, in order to quickly tell which direction the block needs to face.
Written by Kyle Hawthorne on Wed 27 May 2020 6:37:45 PM GMT
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