Moon Clip Checker
Moon Clip Checker
627 Checker with Moon Clip
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These checkers are precision machined to match the minimum chamber dimensions and chamber spacing of your revolver's cylinder. At home or at the range you can safely check that a loaded moon clip will function properly without loading it into your revolver's cylinder.

After loading up each moon clip just test that it will easily drop into and fall out of the Moon Clip Checker. If the loaded moon clip fits in this checker, it will fit in your gun!

With the Moon Clip Checker, you'll have confidence that the loaded moon clip will function when you're at the line.

* The 629 (9mm x 8rd) Checker still has the old 627 label. This will be updated in the next manufacturing run.
Model Notes
S&W 625 Can be used for:
— Model 1917 revolver from both Colt and S&W.
— S&W Models 22, 25, 26, 625 and 325.
— S&W Governor.
S&W 610 Can be used for:
— Both 10mm and 40 S&W rounds.
S&W 627 Can be used for:
— 357 Magnum, 38 Special and 38 Colt rounds.
S&W 929*
S&W 986
The chambers were cut using a chamber reamer, so they are tapered and and exact fit for the 9x19 cartridge.

The 929 Moon Clip Checker also works with Ruger® Super GP100® 9mm 8-shot revolvers!

All 6-round Checkers = $39.95 ea / SALE = $37.95
All 7&8-round Checkers = $44.95 ea / SALE = $42.95

Tip! All ammo should be checked with a Case Gauge before loading into moon clips. That way you won't be rejecting a loaded moon clip due to just one bad round … and then have to unload and check all rounds just to find which round was bad. This will ultimately save you a lot of time.
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Tip! Moon clips should be checked with a Flatness Plate before loading into moon clips. There is no sense loading a moon clip unless you already know it's flat. So don't waste the time.
To see the new UniqueTek Moon Clip Flatness Plate, Click Here.

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