FANG High Speed Shooting Stabilizer
FANG High Speed Shooting Stabilizer
FANG - On AR RifleFANG - Over Barricade with PipeFANG - Biting into Tree BarkFANG - Bottom Notch Hooks over BarricadesFANG - Picatinny Rail MountFANG - 4 Front Facing "Fangs"
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The FANG is a lightweight, rail mounted stabilizer, that allows for a more versatile shooting positions by allowing the shooter to stabilize their firearm on various surfaces, maintain positive contact with the support, and create a stable shooting platform.

Designed to bite into surfaces as the shooter applies weight into the stabilizer.
Allows the firearm to be rested on various diameter materials via the saddle portion.
The angles and edges of the FANG allow the shooter to search and traverse, while still maintaining contact with the surface they are firing on.
Multidirectional "Fangs" need No Adjustment for Right Side or Left Side Barricades.
Acts as a mini-bipod for bracing off of flat surfaces.
The FANG can also be used as a devastating strike face.

The FANG is made from high quality, durable Long-fiber Glass Filled Nylon for added strength and longevity. This material can be dyed, cerakoted, trimmed and stippled, making it totally customizable.

The FANG is 100% guaranteed against any and all manufacturer defects.

Note: This product can not be shipped outside the United States in accordance with International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).

Shooting USA Uncut - The FANG at the 2016 NRA Convention!

The FANG in Action!
US Patent US10190840
AR Rifle and all other accessories shown are not included with the FANG.
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Mount Picatinny Standard Rails
Material Long-fiber Glass Filled Nylon
Weight 1.74oz (49.5g)
Color Black

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 5.0
Great product and great idea!I have been using the FANG on my “go to” AR. It was an easy and quick mount. It doesn’t significantly add to the profile of the weapon so that it isn’t awkward. When mounted it is very stable. I have found it to be very convenient to use for stabilization against hard surfaces. The added support that it provides when pushed into or placed against a hard surface: table; wall; rock; log; door jam; railing; barricade frame, it establishes a very stable shooting point. (Those were all items that I have used it on so far).
Great product and great idea.
Written by Rich Hartson on Thu 20 Feb 2020 11:21:03 PM GMT
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