Moon Clip Flatness Plate
Moon Clip Flatness Plate
Flatness Plate in Clear Protective Box
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The Moon Clip Flatness Plate allows you to check the flatness of your moon clips before you load them. The honed white marble surface is bright but low glare to aid inspection of moon clips. And marble has a low coefficient of linear thermal expansion (λ) and low thermal conductivity (α) that maintains flatness stability with temperature changes.

Very Flat Honed White Surface
Low Thermal Expansion & Low Thermal Conductivity
3″ x 3″ Surface: Enough Space for Moon Clips of Any Caliber or Round Count
Protective Storage Box Included

Tip! Check the flatness of all moon clips before loading … even new, unused moon clips!

Tip! Can also be used by gunsmiths to check the flatness of small firearm parts (e.g. hammers, triggers, etc.)

Tip! Use as a surface on which to place your case gauge when checking COL!

NOTE: Marble is a natural material and there will be variations in color and veining from one plate to the next. The edges and back of the marble may also have small chips due to the sawing processes. These variations do not affect the flatness of the honed marble surface. It is recommended to perform all flatness testing near the center of the plate.

Made in the USA from Italian Carrara marble.
Moon clips shown in photos are not included.
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Material White Carrara Marble
Size 3″ x 3″ x 3/8″
Weight 3oz (85g)
Surface Finish Honed
Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion (α) 9.8 (average)
[Reference 304 Stainless Steel = 17.3]
Thermal Conductivity (λ) 2.5 (average)
[Reference 304 Stainless Steel = 16.2]

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 2 reviews: 5.0
I should have been thinking about moon clips!I have been using the Moon Clip Flatness Plate. I’m not kidding, I have actually been using it. At first I thought that it was just a silly item that I thought, “Maybe I will get to it?”.
I came to this realization. When shooting a match you want to do your best. To do that you prepare mentally and physically and improve yourself through practice. You try to use the best gear you can as there is nothing more annoying than gear failure during a match. With semi autos you are constantly defining good, operable magazines and you have magazines that you use for matches, those that are only for practice or general hard use and those that are just junk that you loan out to shooting buddies. Who ever thinks about moon clips?
Well, I should have been thinking about moon clips. When I started using the Flatness Plate it was very interesting to find out how many of my moon clips weren’t flat anymore. Just like magazines, I now have MCs that are for matches, for practice or hard use and loaners. Why not eliminate every negative variable you can before a match? This tool helps with that.
Written by Rich Hartson on Thu 20 Feb 2020 11:17:53 PM GMT
Works Great!I went through my 70 clips and found 15 that I though were fine but were actually bend slightly. This is the thing that can cause misfires. Its really fast too, just place a clip on the plate and tap it, if its flat it won't move but if its just the least bit bent it will rock and you will feel it. If you shoot a moon clipped Revo you need this. Written by Todd Crow on Fri 20 Sep 2019 9:10:02 PM GMT
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