Wyoming Sight Drifter
Wyoming Sight Drifter
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The Wyoming Sight Drifter is a sight drifting tool using kinetic energy, in a unique spring loaded device, that gently and accurately adjusts your sights quickly, without the fuss of normal adjustments. It's so simple to use that you'll never leave it out of your gear bag!

Easily Adjusts Sights in the Field or at the Range
Uses Kinetic Energy Instead of a Hammer and Punch
Eliminates Need for a Gun Vise or Cradle
Brass Tip Won't Mar Sight
Not Much Larger than a Standard Ink Pen
Packaged in Reusable Plastic Storage Tube (not shown)

Don't let the size of this tool fool you. Barely larger than an ink pen†, it will move the hardest of sights. Stretching the spring more or less will vary the power of the strike. Trust us, this thing works! Satisfaction guaranteed.
† Product image is shown approximately actual size.

CAUTION: Please make sure the gun is completely empty of cartridges and the action open!
With the action open, hold the tool with the brass head against the dovetail sight with one hand. With the other hand pull the tool apart while keeping the brass head against the dovetail sight. With the brass end against the dovetail sight, release the tool allowing the one end of the tool to impact the other. The action of the spring will provide enough inertia to drive the dovetail sight in the direction it's oriented or otherwise away from the tool.

"Over the years I've removed, replaced, adjusted, bent, and dinged more than my fair share of barrel mounted sights. I think we all have . . . at least I hope I'm not the only one. Usually it's about a three and half handed operation for me. That all changed when I acquired a Wyoming Sight Drifter (WSD) from Steve. So easy even a caveman can do it - here's proof."
"My buddy's new to him Sharps showed up on the big brown truck with the front sight removed for shipping. I decided to install it for him prior to his arrival so grabbed my trusty WSD and got to work. Here is the video [The Video is Below], watch close, it goes quick!"
Brian, CO

Video of Brian using the Wyoming sight Drifter to install a Sharps front sight.

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Wyoming Sight Drifter is a trademark of Wyoming Sight Drifter, LLC. Made in USA Logo

Length 5-3/16″
Head 3/8″ Hexagonal Brsss
Weight 2.3oz

Customer Reviews

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It's Awesome!Just got the sight adjuster today and gave it a try. It's awesome. Been wanting something simple like this for a long time but could never find one. Used the old-fashioned hammer & punch method in the past. (UHG!) Written by Paul E. on Thu 5 Nov 2020 11:39:16 PM GMT
Great toolI have been using one of these sight drifters since they first came out. GREAT product simple and to use.
The brass is safe to use on the sights and will not tear up your gun like a steel punch that slips will do for sure.
I have given many to friends to add to their gun box as it is a must have in my opinion if you do any gun work at all.
Written by Kenneth on Thu 5 Dec 2019 5:54:29 AM GMT
This Tool and its Design is AwesomeWhat a simplistic tool. I got my [Browning] rifle out of the safe and laid it on its side. Examined the tool and after the 3rd strike the front site moved. The first two strikes were poorly executed I'm sure just trying to get acquainted with the tool. It took about 10 more strikes but it worked and worked well. This tool is a must have for anyone who has a rifle with front sites. I can't wait to show it to my friends that shoot a lot. Thank you Steve. I hope you sell enough of these to retire and enjoy life to the fullest. You deserve it. This tool and its design is awesome. Written by Steve on Wed 27 Nov 2019 9:57:30 PM GMT
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