Wyoming Sight Drifter 2
Wyoming Sight Drifter 2
Nylon Rollup Storage Case
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This newest version of the Original Wyoming Sight Drifter is the result of many requests. It now has interchangeable heads, so one tool does the job of four. It comes in a nylon roll up case that keeps all the components together and fits easily in your pocket or tool box.

Included Interchangeable Brass Heads
3/8″ Hexagon - just like on the original
5/16″ Pin Punch
3/16″ Pin Punch
1/8″ Pin Punch

Easily Adjusts Sights and Removes Pins … in the Field or at the Range
Uses Kinetic Energy Instead of a Hammer
Eliminates Need for a Gun Vise or Cradle
Non-mar Brass Tips
Not Much Larger than a Standard Ink Pen

Don't let the size of this tool fool you. Barely larger than an ink pen, it will move the hardest of sights and pins. Stretching the spring more or less will vary the power of the strike. Trust us, this thing works! Satisfaction guaranteed.
† Product image is shown approximately 2/3 actual size.

CAUTION: Please make sure the gun is completely empty of cartridges and the action open!
With the action open, hold the tool with the brass head against the dovetail sight or pin with one hand. With the other hand pull the tool apart. With the brass end against the sight or pin, release the tool allowing the one end of the tool to impact the other. The action of the spring will provide enough inertia to drive the sight or pin in the direction it's oriented or otherwise away from the tool.

Tip!  Very effective for removing stubborn AR takedown pins! Just use the 3/16″ Pin Punch.

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Length (With Head Installed) 5-7/8″
Length (Handle Only) 4-9/16″
Interchangeable Heads 4 included
Head Material Brass
Head Sizes and Weights 3/8″ Hex = 0.98oz
5/16″ Hex = 0.52oz
3/16″ Hex = 0.38oz
1/8″ Hex = 0.30oz
Handle Weight 2.5oz
Kit Weight 5.5oz
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