Open End Die Wrench for Dillon Presses
Open End Die Wrench for Dillon Presses
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Our original Die Wrench for Dillon presses was a "home run"! But, being a box-end wrench, it could be inconvenient to use on or wouldn't work on certain dies including;
   • Powder Dies
   • Bullet Dropper Dies
   • Certain Micrometer Adjustable Seat Dies with Large Micrometer Heads

For example, to adjust a Dillon Powder Die you must remove the powder measure, put the box-end wrench on the die and then reattach the Powder Measure. Then, once the die adjustment is completed, repeat the procedure to remove the wrench. An open-end wrench eliminates the need to remove the Powder Measure.

So we made a special wrench designed after the profile of a "Tube Wrench" or "Line Wrench". This profile provides the maximum contact possible with an open-ended wrench.

12 Point "Tube Wrench" Profile
Double-Ended to Fit Both 1″ and 1-1/8″ Die Lock Rings
Strong, Durable 10-18 Steel
Individually CNC Machined
Zinc Dichromate Plated

Because an open-end wrench is simply not as strong as a box-end wrench, we made some critical design changes. We have beefed up the thickness as much as possible, made the opening as small as possible and tightened up the dimensional tolerance to obtain a tighter fit for maximum contact with the die lock nut. Regardless, we recommend that you avoid overtightening any die lock nuts.

Also Fits the closely spaced die lock rings (1-1/8″) on LEE Pro 1000 and LEE Load Master progressive presses.

Manufactured exclusively for UniqueTek by R&R Precision Machining Inc. Made in USA Logo

Wrench Sizes 1″ & 1-1/8″
Points 12
Length 5.8″
Thickness 0.25″
Weight 2.8 oz
Material 10-18 Steel
Finish Zinc Dichromate
Wrench Style Tube Wrench
No Offset
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