9mm/.38 HTC Powder Funnel
9mm/.38 HTC Powder Funnel
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These Powder Funnels were specially designed for loading Hi‑Tek Coated 9mm/.38 cal. cast lead bullets. The are sized to provide enough case expansion to prevent shaving of the polymer coating. And to provide for minimum swaging of the bullet’s base, the expander portion is almost three times longer than the standard 9mm/.38 Custom Powder Funnel or a Dillon Powder Funnel.

For 9mm/.38 cal. Hi‑Tek Coated Cast Lead Bullets
Expander Tip 3X Longer than Original
Precision Machined from 12L14 Steel
Case Hardened to RC55+
Highly Polished Expander Tip for Smooth Release
Smoother Interior for Smooth Powder Flow
Drop In Replacement for Original Dillon Powder Funnel *
Works on RL 550, XL 650, Xl 750, RL 1050 and Super 1050 Presses †

* Powder Die adjustment will still be required.
† May not work on SDB press because the shellplate may begin indexing before the powder funnel clears the case mouth. It also may not work on .357 Magnum or .357 Maximum cases on certain other Dillon presses for the same reason.

Two Sizes
 0.357:  For 9mm/.38 cal. Bullets Sized .356″ to .357−″ (T1736-01)
 0.358:  For 9mm/.38 cal. Bullets Sized .3575″ to .358+″ (T1736-02)

Manufactured by Photo Escape, Inc.
The 9mm/.38 HTC Powder Funnel is sold individually. The standard powder funnel is shown in photo only for comparison and is not included with the 9mm/.38 HTC Powder Funnel.
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Customer Reviews

Average rating from 3 reviews: 5.0
Saved Me Many TearsYour 9mm HTC powder funnel has saved me so many tears. Loading my 358 bullets in 9mm cases for my S&W 929 was painful until I bought it. Thank you for that invention. Written by Craig S. on Wed 13 Apr 2022 3:28:07 PM GMT
Works really well for Hi-Tek coated .38sThe .358 sized funnel works really well for hand seating coated .358 bullets (158gr SWC Hi-Tek coated bullets without a lube groove) nice and squarely into cases with just a touch of pressure before the bullets “lock” into the case for the seating die to finish off. Additionally, the surface finish is smooth enough that the expander doesn’t stick to the case on the press upstroke- which was a big problem that I had with another aftermarket powder funnel. This was done on a Dillon 650 press and new Starline .357 brass. Written by Sarah C on Thu 22 Apr 2021 5:38:16 PM GMT
Works great on a Mark 7 RevoLike a lot of S&W 929 shooters I have to use a .358 projectile in a 9mm case. Before this funnel came out I had the regular 9mm funnel sold here in my 650. It was ok but not 100%, would get the occasional scraping. Then tried an M die but it wasn't great as it created a bulge my Lee FCD would take out. When I upgraded to a Mark 7 I bought this funnel and used it with a Lee Universal Expander die.
This die is a little long for the die but there is enough adjustment and within 10 minutes it was set and it works beautifully! I'm using an index of 2 @ 2500rpm.

Thanks for making this for the revo 929 shooters!
Written by Mike Beri on Thu 16 Jul 2020 2:22:27 PM GMT
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