Brass Primer Magazine Tube Ends
Brass Primer Magazine Tube Ends
Replaces Small (left) & Large (right) Flexible Orifice
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These Brass Primer Magazine Tube Ends replace the plastic "Flexible Orifice" on Dillon Primer Magazine Tubes for RL 550 and XL 750 presses. They work better the the original plastic parts, won't wear out, and are much less susceptible to damage when converting the primer system from one primer size to the other.

Precision Machined Brass
Easy Press Fit Installation *
Replaces Large and Small "Flexible Orifice" **
No Need to Orient Tip when Installing in Primer System

1 for Small Primer
1 for Large Primer

Tested and confirmed to work on RL 550, XL 750 and RL 1100 presses.
According to customer feedback, they also work on the Square Deal 'B', RL 1050
? or Super 1050. Minor Adjustment may be necessary. You can read customer
? reviews at the bottom of this page.
Will NOT fit XL 650 presses as the tips on those Primer Magazine Tubes are a bit
shorter and larger diameter.

NEW! — Now Available in Packs for Small or Large Primer Only!
T1739-S — 2 for Small Primer
T1739-L — 2 for Large Primer

NOTE: These brass tips ARE NOT INTENDED FOR and WILL NOT WORK ON Primer Pickup Tubes! They are ONLY for use on the Primer Magazine Tubes that are installed inside the Primer Housing and Shield.

† Primer Magazine Tubes shown in photo are not included,
* Some Primer Magazine Tubes may require Loctite.
** Flexible Orifice Large (#14003) and Flexible Orifice Small (#14024)
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Customer Reviews

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SDB Works great!Love this thing. I was able to simply slip this brass end on my primer tube for the SDB and it worked perfectly from the start. I was repeatedly having jams due to primers sitting vertically at the tube end after the first 100 or so on a new plastic tip. This was slowing me down considerably and I was constantly having to replace the tips. Run 300 rounds through the machine so far with not a single issue. This has been a boon to my production time. Written by Robbie T on Wed 14 Dec 2022 12:35:27 AM GMT
SDB Advice - Add an O-RingLoved these, and they fixed my SDB feeding problem. In lieu of grinding on the nozzle to achieve a slightly better clearance for the shuttle, I put a fairly thin grip-screw O-ring on the nozzle. This spaced it up by a couple hundredths and gave plenty of clearance. These have worked marvelously. No more chewed up plastic nozzle ends or primer cup dents on the shuttle. Whole system works much more smoothly. Written by J Thomas on Wed 30 Nov 2022 9:02:18 PM GMT
Works on Square Deal B - but with some modificationsI have been working for about a day total trying to get these brass ends to work on my SDB. I made sure everything was in tolerance such as indexing and the primer cup position/height. It still did no feed until I had to modify these ends. THE SOLUTION: I grounded/sanded the end (I'm using the small primer one) of the tip very slightly to give it some clearance from the delrin pin looking at reference pictures from the manual. This helped feed all the primers well, but now I have only an issue with the last primer in the tube. I'll shave off a little more material and see how that goes.

Overall, this works, but in my case and for my specific press, I needed to do some slight modifications. If anyone is having trouble getting these to work on their SDB, try shaving a bit off the end - worked for me!
Written by Adam B on Thu 24 Nov 2022 9:05:48 PM GMT
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