.45 HTC Powder Funnel
.45 HTC Powder Funnel
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This Powder Funnel was specially designed for loading Hi-Tek Coated .45 cal. cast lead bullets for .45 ACP (.451″-.452″). It is sized to provide enough case expansion to prevent shaving the polymer coating. And to provide for minimum swaging of the bullet’s base, the expander portion is almost three times longer than the standard .45 cal. Custom Powder Funnel or a Dillon Powder Funnel.

For .45 cal. (.451″-.452″) Hi‑Tek Coated Cast Lead Bullets
Expander Tip 3X Longer than Original
Precision Machined from 12L14 Steel
Case Hardened to RC55+
Highly Polished Expander Tip for Smooth Release
Smoother Interior for Smooth Powder Flow
Drop In Replacement for Original Dillon Powder Funnel **
Works on RL 550, XL 650, XL 750, RL 1050, Super 1050 and RL 1100 presses †

** Powder Die adjustment will be required.
† May not work on SDB press because the shellplate may begin indexing before the powder funnel clears the case mouth … but it has not been tested.

Q: Can I use the .45 HTC Powder Funnel for .45 Colt?
A: Yes, but if you are loading bullets larger than 0.452″, you will need to adjust the powder die down enough to flare the case mouth to accept the larger diameter bullet. There will also be some minor sweging of the bullet base with soft lead bullets.

Manufactured by Photo Escape, Inc.
The .45 HTC Powder Funnel is sold individually. The standard powder funnel is shown in photo only for comparison and is not included with the .45 HTC Powder Funnel.
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