Extended Die Lock Nuts
Extended Die Lock Nuts
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These extended die lock nuts are perfect for when you run out of die threads on top of the toolhead, and have to put the die lock nut on the bottom of the toolhead. They have a 0.155″ shoulder that gets the hex nut corners clear of the press frame.

Machined from 12L14 Steel for strength and then electroless nickel plated for resistance to wear and corrosion.

— Sold in 2-Packs.

Works On: OEM Dillon toolheads and aftermarket toolheads that are the same overall thickness as OEM toolheads.
Works On: Whidden Gunworks and UniqueTek toolheads with the following exceptions:
✓ Works On:  Station 3 of XL 650 and XL 750 presses.
✓ Works On:  All die Stations of RL 550 presses.

Tip!: Prevent die lock nuts from loosening by adding a second die lock nut under the toolhead.

Manufactured by Photo Escape, Inc. Made in USA Logo

Material 12L14 Steel
Finish Electroless Nickel Plated
Thread Size & Pitch 7/8″-14
Wrench Size 1″
Total Thickness 0.405″
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