750 FailSafe Bracket Kit
750 FailSafe Bracket Kit
750 FailSafe Bracket Kit - Installed750 FailSafe Bracket Kit - Installed750 FailSafe Bracket Kit - Allows Repositioning of Powder Measure.
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This FailSafe Bracket replaces the original Failsafe Return Bracket (#62325) on Dillon XL 750 presses.

Allows Powder Measure Rotation for Better Die Clearance:
Slotted screw holes allow the Powder Measure to be rotated enough (about 12 degrees) that the powder bar clears bullet droppers, micrometer seat dies and other extra-tall dies in Stations 3 & 4. This also provides clearance for Powder Bar Micrometers.

Consistent Powder Bar Return:
This FailSafe Bracket is 1/4″ thick, making it very rigid. This helps to ensure that your Powder Bar returns to the same position every cycle of the press.*

750 FailSafe Bracket Kit Includes:
FailSafe Bracket (replaces #62325)
Brass Shoulder Washer (replaces #18086)
2, 3-32x1/2″ Button Head Screw (replaces #14689)
8-32x3/16″ Set Screw

 Will NOT provide enough clearance for the six-tube bullet magazine of the "Mini" Mr. Bulletfeeder if installed in toolhead Station 4.
 May NOT provide enough clearance for powder bar adjustment knob that stick out much wider than the width of the powder bar.

Manufactured by Photo Escape, Inc.
* Failsafe Wing Nut(#13799) must be properly adjusted as per instructions in
the XL750™ Reloading System Assembly and User Instructions".
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Customer Reviews

Average rating from 2 reviews: 5.0
Necessity for running a bullet feederTransitioned to a XL750 from the XL650 on my Mark 7 650 Pro autodrive, and discovered that with the quick-release powder measure clamp, and the bullet dropper in Station 3, I couldn't get the powder measure on with the failsafe rod. Still had to remove the quick release on the powder measure, and spin the primer alarm around, but everything fits and doesn't drag. Written by Brian B. on Sat 13 Mar 2021 3:48:49 PM GMT
I Like It A Lot!I just installed your 750 Failsafe Bracket Kit. I like it a lot! I’m now able to use a bullet feeder the way I want and some other parts that I couldn’t before. Written by Terry M. on Thu 1 Oct 2020 4:40:03 PM GMT
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