750 FailSafe Bracket Kit
750 FailSafe Bracket Kit
750 FailSafe Bracket Kit - Installed750 FailSafe Bracket Kit - Installed750 FailSafe Bracket Kit - Allows Repositioning of Powder Measure.
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This FailSafe Bracket replaces the original Failsafe Return Bracket (#62325) on Dillon XL 750 presses.

Allows Powder Measure Rotation for Better Die Clearance:
Slotted screw holes allow the Powder Measure to be rotated enough (about 12 degrees) that the powder bar clears bullet droppers, micrometer seat dies and other extra-tall dies in Stations 3 & 4. This also provides clearance for Powder Bar Micrometers.

Consistent Powder Bar Return:
This FailSafe Bracket is 1/4″ thick, making it very rigid. This helps to ensure that your Powder Bar returns to the same position every cycle of the press.*

750 FailSafe Bracket Kit Includes:
FailSafe Bracket (replaces #62325)
Brass Shoulder Washer (replaces #18086)
2, 3-32x1/2″ Button Head Screw (replaces #14689)
8-32x3/16″ Set Screw

 Will NOT provide enough clearance for the six-tube bullet magazine of the "Mini" Mr. Bulletfeeder if installed in toolhead Station 4.

Manufactured by Photo Escape, Inc.
* Failsafe Wing Nut(#13799) must be properly adjusted as per instructions in
the "XL750™ Reloading System Assembly and User Instructions".
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I Like It A Lot!I just installed your 750 Failsafe Bracket Kit. I like it a lot! I’m now able to use a bullet feeder the way I want and some other parts that I couldn’t before. Written by Terry M. on Thu 1 Oct 2020 4:40:03 PM GMT
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