Primer System Tag
Primer System Tag
Prime System Tag on XL 650 PressPrimer System Tag - Spring ClipPrimer Pickup Tube with Paper Tag100 10mmx22mm Price Tags are Included
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This Primer System Tag™ clips onto the tubular primer feed system housing and gives you a 1″ x 3″ area upon which you can write the primer type currently loaded in the primer feed system.

Anodized Aluminum with Satin Silver Finish
The anodized aluminum tag has a Satin Silver Finish that is low-glare and easy to read at off angles. The primer type can be written upon it with a Sharpie®, Vis-à-Vis® or equivalent marker … and easily and cleanly erased using rubbing alcohol.

Primer Pickup Tube with Tag Tags for Primer Pickup Tubes are Included
Comes bundled with 100 White Paper Tags to label your Primer Pickup Tubes. Write the primer type on the tag and attach it to the primer retainer clip where it will be easily seen when preparing to transfer primers to the primer magazine tube on the press.

Fits Many Primer Systems
The Primer System Tag™ will clip onto the primer system tube of most progressive, single-stage and turret presses including;
Dillon:SDB, RL 550, XL 650, XL 750, RL 1000, RL 1050, Super 1050 and RL 1100.
Hornady:Lock-N-Load® AP™.
Lyman:Brass-Smith® All-American 8™ Turret Press and Victory Press™.
Mark 7: Evolution™.
Redding:T-7 Turret, Big Boss, Big Boss II.
RCBS:Turret Press, Pro Chucker 5 and Pro Chucker 7.
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Tag Dimensions 1″ x 3″
Finish Anodized Satin Silver
Attachment Clip Fits Nominal 0.56″ Diameter Tubes
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