S&W 41 Recoil Buffer
S&W 41 Recoil Buffer
Buffer installed in S&W Model 41 frame.
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The S&W 41 Recoil Buffer™ eliminates the metal to metal impact of the slide and frame. Each time the action is worked or the weapon is fired, the buffer comes into contact with the frame … not the metal slide. Installation of the S&W 41 Recoil Buffer™ will result in reduced felt recoil, enhanced muzzle control and a longer service life.

Fits the following S&W pistols:
Fits all S&W Model 41 .22 LR semi-auto pistols and all barrel lengths.

S&W 41 Recoil BufferInstallation is easy!
Simply insert the recoil buffer over the model 41's recoil spring assembly, and then reinstall the barrel. Buffer is held in place by downward pressure from the barrel.

— S&W Model 41 Recoil Buffer™ (2 per pack) = $24.95

Note: This product can not be shipped outside the United States in accordance with International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).

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Features Benefits
Reduces Felt Recoil Reduces Shooter Fatigue
Enhances Muzzle Control Improves Accuracy and Speed
Stops Slide to Frame Impact Prolongs Service Life

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 2 reviews: 5.0
Model 41 Recoil BufferI'm not sure they ever wear out, but checking and changing out is usually advised. I probably have at least 15,000 on mine.
I've been lead to believe that they should certainly be used if one shoots ammunition that is faster than Standard Velocity. As it says in the ad, it keeps the slide from slamming hard in to the frame, steel on steel. I usually try to use the 40gr CCI Std Velocity, but the Aguilla works well when I apply a light coating of a light oil before shooting. All depends on how
"dry" the ammo feels.
Written by David on Fri 23 Oct 2020 5:05:22 PM GMT
Model recoil bufferWorks as advertised, zero malfunctions, very easy to install and remove when change is required.
Works very well with standard velocity aquilla ammo which is my go to round for matches. I plan on
changing out bout every 1500 rds.
Written by Jess Lopez or Aleene Lopez on Thu 21 Nov 2019 1:09:47 AM GMT
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