XL 750 Ultimate Bearing Kit
XL 750 Ultimate Bearing Kit
750 Indexer Bearing - Installed
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The XL 750 Ultimate Bearing Kit smooths indexing and reduces play and wobble in the shell plate of Dillon XL 750 press. It also reduces the "snap" when the index ball engages the shellplate … greatly reducing powder loss from cases on the shellplate. The kit includes bearings for both the Shellplate and the Index Block Assembly.

Included in Kit:
1 Ball Bearing (Replaces SD Primer Slide Roller #13689)
1 Shoulder Bolt (Replaces SD Roller Bolt #13809)
1 Oilite® Plus Oil/Teflon® Lubricated Thrust Bearing (for Shellplate)
1 Polyamide-imide Index Ball (Replaces 375 Indexer Ball #13891
1 Reduced Tension Index Ball Spring (Replaces Index Ball Spring #13997)
2 Index Ball Spring Adjustment Washers
Detailed Step-by-Step Instructions

✓ Works only on XL 750.

Ball Bearing for Index Block Assembly
The Ball Bearing and accompanying Shoulder Bolt replaces the simple Primer Slide Roller and Roller Bolt on the Index Block Assembly. The ball bearing smooths shellplate indexing and is sealed so it never needs lubrication.

Oilite® Plus Bearing for Shellplate
The Oilite® Plus Thrust Bearing is sintered bronze lubricated with Oil/Teflon®. It never needs lubrication and the Teflon® reduces friction 17% compared to a standard oil lubricated Oilite® bearing.

Polyamide-Imide Index Ball
The Polyamide-imide Index Ball is a fraction of the mass of the OEM steel ball (0.62g versus 3.52g). That is 82.4% lighter! Due to the lower mass, it doesn't violently hammer the bottom of the shellplate when it engages the detent … and thus doesn't toss powder out of the case. The Polyamide-imide ball is also much harder and more wear resistant than balls made from other plastics (e.g. 26% more wear resistant than Delrin®).

No Spring Cutting Needed
The custom reduced tension spring for the index ball means you don't have to worry about cutting the OEM spring. Just drop the new spring into place and you are good to go! If your feel that the spring is too light, two washers are included to incrementally increase the spring tension. The spring and washers are stainless steel for corrosion resistance.

Manufactured by JW Systems.
Oilite is a registered trademark of Beemer Precision, Inc.
Teflon is a registered trademark of Chemours.
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