Quick-Release Case Cleaner Knob
Quick-Release Case Cleaner Knob
Quick Release KnobQuick Release Knob - How to UseQuick Release Knob on Dillon Case Cleaner
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This Quick-Release Case Cleaner Knob replaces the ordinary hand knob or wing nut on most vibratory case cleaners. The Quick-Release feature lets you get the knob on and off quickly without having to spin it the full length of the threaded spindle.
Fits most vibratory case cleaners that have a 1/4″-20 threaded spindle.

Just 1-1/2 Turns to Tighten
1/4″-20 Female Thread
Brass Threaded Insert
Large 2.25″ Diameter
Recessed Top Safeguards Tip of Threaded Spindle

How It Works
– The knob is tilted slightly and then slid down over the
threaded spindle. (see drawings at right **)
– When in position, the knob is brought into a straight
position … mating the two threaded segments within
the knob to the threads on the spindle.
– The knob is then turned clockwise until snug … just
1-1/2 to 1-3/4 turns.

Watch this Demonstration of the Quick-Release Case Cleaner Knob!

Need a Q-R Knob for a Case Cleaner with Larger Threads?
If you need a Quick-Release Case Cleaner Knob in 5/16″-18 or 3/8″-16, please let us know. We are looking at this but need to know how many are likely to be needed in each size.

Spindle must extend at least 3/4″ above cover of case cleaner for this Quick-Release knob to work.
** Line drawings are for instructional purposes only and are not identical to actual product.
Case cleaner shown in photo is not included.
Made in Germany

Style 5-Star
Diameter 2.25″
Height 1.5″
Thread Size 1/4″-20
Threaded Length 0.75″
Threaded Insert Material Brass
Handle Material Polypropylene
Weight 1.38oz (39g)
Color Blue
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