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Firearms Guide 11th Edition is the world largest research able firearms, air guns & ammunition reference guide, gun value guide and gun schematics, blueprints & manuals library. Published since 2009 for industry professionals and enthusiasts, with its 14 search criteria it enables fast, complex searches of 77,000 antique and modern guns and side by side comparisons of search results. Guns are cross-referenced with the ammunition database with ballistics. Guns and ammo are presented with prices, tech-specifications, features, gun values, ballistic and up to 12 high-resolution zoom able color pictures (up to 4000 x 1240) for precise firearms identification.

Search guns privately, find gun values privately, print out schematics and manuals privately, without tracking, without search engines archiving your searches and downloads. No targeted ads. No cookies. No personal data collecting. No search history storing. 100% user privacy!

OPTION 1: Firearms Guide 11th Online Edition & Flash Drive 9th Edition Combo

Firearms Guide
  • Online 11th Edition - 1 Year Subscription presents 77,000 firearms, air guns and  ammo from 1,300 manufacturers worldwide + 17,000 schematics, manuals and blueprints + Values
  • Flash Drive 9th Edition presents 73,000 firearms, air guns and ammo from 1,110 manufacturers worldwide + 8,000 schematics and blueprints
    • Modern, Antique, Military and Tactical guns presented in every caliber, stock, finish and variant with tech specs, prices, >hi-res images and features
    • SCHEMATICS, BLUEPRINTS & MANUALS LIBRARY presents 15,000 printable high resolution gun schematics (diagrams or exploded views) with parts lists, gun manuals and blueprints for antique and modern guns
    • GUN VALUE GUIDE - that presents gun values online (based off of the 100% – 30% condition ratings) for over 77,000 antique and modern guns - Evaluate your gun collection - Get values before you buy or sell any guns
    • Better than Google - Instant & precise search result every time even with most complex searches
    • The world's largest gun book on your key chain - always with you!
    • Flash Drive Works on any Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10). Not recommended for Apple computers as current Macs have migrated to a 64-bit OS and the flash drive is 32bit.
PRICE: $85.00 $79.95 with Free Shipping

OPTION 2: Firearms Guide 11th Online Edition - 6 Month Subscription

Firearms Guide
  • Online 11th Edition presents 77,000 firearms, air guns and  ammo from 1,300 manufacturers worldwide + 17,000 schematics, manuals and blueprints + Values
    • Access all the same information included on the Flash Drive … and MORE
    • Continuously Updated … so you always have access to the most current information on the latest new firearms.
    • Instant Access Anywhere from Any computer, tablet or smartphone that has access to the internet.
PRICE: $25.00 $19.95 with Free Shipping

Check out what thinks about Firearms Guide:
"A unique resource, complete, reliable, easily accessible, and cheap: the Firearms Guide is not to be missed!"

An Cosantóir, the official magazine of the Irish Defense Forces wrote about us:
"Highly recommended for police/ military firearm’s technicians and instructors."

AmmoLand said:
"A thumbs up. Money well spent."

Gun Mag said:
"Firearms Guide is an ideal tool for gun enthusiasts, retail distributors and writers."

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