Quick-Release Failsafe Rod Nut
Quick-Release Failsafe Rod Nut
QR Nut Installed on XL 650 PressTop End of 8-Fingered Collet
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This Quick-Release Failsafe Rod Nut replaces the original Wing Nut on Dillon Powder Measures. The Quick-Release feature lets you loosen it quickly when performing caliber changes.

Better than a Button
The Quick-Release Failsafe Rod Nut utilizes a double-ended collet with a total of eight fingers that grip the Failsafe Rod threads a full 360 degrees. So, the adjustment will not loosen after multiple cycles of the powder measure … unlike button-release nuts which engage the threads barely 180 degrees on just one side.

Large 3/4″ Diameter with Knurling for Easy Adjustment
Double-Ended Eight-Finger Collet Grips Failsafe Rod Securely
Releases with Just 1 Full Turn of Cap
Made from Durable Delrin®
Works on all Dillon Powder Measures that have a Failsafe Rod

Works on all versions of the Dillon Precision Powder Measure that have a
Failsafe Rod (including, but not limited to, #20421, #22221 and #20782).
Works on Dillon Belted Magnum Powder System.
Cannot be used on RL 1000, RL 450 or RL 300 Powder Measures.
Cannot be used on Big 50, BL 550, AT 500, RL 450 or RL 300 presses.

Another unique product from UniqueTek, Inc.
Delrin is a registered trademark of DUPONT POLYMERS, INC.
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Diameter 3/4″
Length 1.025″
Weight 0.17oz (4.92g)
Material Delrin®
Color Red

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 2 reviews: 5.0
Quick Release Failsafe Rod NutThis is one of the best upgrades I’ve come across for the Dillon reloading press. This quick release nut should come with all Dillon presses. It’s easy and quick to install and remove.

It’s one of those parts which seems negligible, until you use it. I have them installed on all three of my Dillon presses.
Written by Andrew C. on Wed 9 Feb 2022 11:07:22 PM GMT
Not just another wing nutI just installed the quick release fail safe rod nut item #T1753 on my Dillon 650. The design is great for aiding in quick caliber changes. It is very quick and easy to adjust.

It’s another innovative upgrade for your Dillon press.
Written by Rick Perini on Wed 12 Jan 2022 11:36:48 PM GMT
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