Purple Metal Polish
Purple Metal Polish
Dillon CV-2001 Case Polisher with Purple Polish
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High-Performance Brass Polish!

Just Arrived!

Purple Metal Polish™ is specially formulated for fast cleaning and high shine on most metals including cartridge brass. It contains superior abrasives along with advanced cleaners and sealers.

Great for Brass Cartridge Cases!
Use with any corn cob or walnut shell polishing media. In a vibratory polisher, it cleanse 25% faster and yields a higher shine.* Contains no ammonia that would weaken brass.

Cleans 25% Faster *
Yields a Higher Shine *
Sealers Retard Tarnishing
Contains No Ammonia
Contains No Silicones

How to Use for Brass Cartridge Cases
1) Shake well before use.
2) Add about 0.3 fl oz (9 ml) per pound of fresh media.
2) [≈2.7 fl oz (80 ml) when filling a Dillon CV-2001.]
3) Rejuvenate media with about 1/4 fl oz to 1/2 fl oz (8ml to 16 ml) per cycle.
3) [depending on capacity of vibratory cleaner.]
4) Always run polisher long enough to thoroughly mix
4) polish into media before adding brass.

When switching from another brass polish product, it is recommended to start with fresh media.
Recommended for use with corn cob or walnut shell media.
Do not use with pretreated media.
Do not mix with other brass polish products.
Not for use in ultrasonic cleaners.

Also Great For:
Also great for polishing Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Chrome, Nickel, Silver and Stainless.
† Do Not Use on Gold or Silver Platings.

CONTENTS: 12 fl. oz. (355ml)

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