Powder Funnel Cleaning Adapter
Powder Funnel Cleaning Adapter
Adapter with Powder Funnel InstalledAdapter with .45cal Powder Funnel Chucked in Drill PressHeavy Brass Contamination - Before Cleaning
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This adapter holds powder funnels for Dillon presses so they can be spun up in an electric drill or drill press while cleaning brass residue off the tip. Spinning the powder funnel greatly speeds up the cleaning process. Just hold some steel wool against the tip.

Securely Holds Powder Funnels For Cleaning
Holds all Dillon and Aftermarket Powder Funnels †
Brass Set Screw will not Scar Powder Funnel
Fits into any 3/8″ or larger Drill Chuck
Made of Durable Corrosion Resistant 303 Stainless Steel

All powder funnels will eventually need cleaning. But when loading new, ultrasonically cleaned or stainless steel pin cleaned brass, the need for frequent cleaning is critical due to powder funnel sticking and the resulting brass smearing. The following quote is from Dillon Precision Technical Support.

"It is common for new, once-fired and sonicly-cleaned brass to stick to the funnel. Until the brass has been internally smoothed from firing, plus the carbon-coating lubricates, preventing the sticking. If loading new brass in particular, use a Scotch-Brite pad or steel wool to wipe off the funnel every 25-35 cases."
— As posted on the DillonPrecision.com forum; August 2008. (https://www.dillonprecision.com/cases-sticking-to-powder-funnel_350_10_1176.htm)

Works with all OEM Dillon Powder Funnels and aftermarket Powder Funnels
for Dillon Precision presses (0.555″ OD).
Will NOT fit/work with Powder Through™ Expanders (PTX) for Hornady®
Lock-N-Load® AP™ press as they are a larger diameter (0.620″ OD).

Q: I have a drill press with a 5/8″ chuck. Do I still need this adapter?
A: No. A 5/8″ chuck is large enough to hold powder funnels without the adapter.
A: The adapter is needed only if the drill has a 1/2″ or 3/8″ chuck.

† Powder Funnels shown in photos are not included.
Powder Through, PTX and AP are trademarks of Hornady Manufacturing.
Hornady and Lock-N-Load are are registered trademarks of Hornady Manufacturing.
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Length (Overall) 1.6″
Diameter (Body) 1″
Diameter (Shank) 3/8″
Set Screw #8-32 Brass Socket Set Screw
5/64″ Hex Key
Material 303 Stainless Steel
Weight 2.6 oz
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