Activated Carbon Gun Safe Bags
Activated Carbon Gun Safe Bags
Activated Carbon from Coconut Shells - 12x40 MeshNo VOCsInstallation Date Tag - Included with each bag.
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Firearms outgas all sorts of chemicals into your gun safe … including Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from gun cleaning solvents and oils to name just a few. But the list also includes gunpowder and primer residues, and chenicals emmanating from finishes on wooden stocks and tanning chemicals from leather slings. But silica gel or clay desiccants are poor adsorbers of VOCs … or anything else besides water vapor.

To efficiently adsorb VOCs, you need Activated Carbon. But, until now, you could not find Activated Carbon bags designed specifically for gun safes. Our adsorber bags contain 150g of Activated Carbon derived from coconut shells. The bag can be easily hung in your gun safe and will adsorb VOCs for at least a full year in most situations. The bag material is made from Tyvek® (a non-woven HDPE fabric) that is highly breathable yet keeps any fine Activated Carbon particles from leaking through.

Why Coconut Shell?
Coconut shell-based Activated Carbon has a lower impurity content compared to coal-based Activated Carbon and and doesn't require a binder. That and its granular structure (instead of pellets) makes it ideal for adsorbing VOCs from ambient air. Coconut shell is also a renewable resource.

Each Bag Contains 150g Activated Carbon Derived from Coconut Shells
Each Bag Lasts 1 Year in Most Gun Safes
A Date of Installation Tag is Included with Each Bag
Tyvek® Bags are Dust Free and Spill-Proof
Each Bag has Pre-Punched Hanger Hole

Included: Two (2) Individually Sealed Adsorber Bags

Q & A
Q: How long does this Activated Carbon bag last?
A: Our Activated Carbon bags are sized to provide at least 1 year of life in most gun
A: safes.

Q: Is there an indicator strip to let me know I need to replace the Activated Carbon bag?
A: An indicator strip is not possible for Activated Carbon. And you can't trust your nose as some very common VOCs have no
A: detectible odor. So your best practice is to simply replace the activated carbon bag annually. That said, if you open the door
A: and notice a chemical smell, it is probably past time to replace the bag.

Q: Can I regenerate the Activated Carbon like clay or silica gel desiccants?
A: No. To regenerate Activated Carbon requires temperatures of 1112°F to 1652°F (600°C to 900°C) in an oxygen free atmosphere,
A: which is not possible at home.

Q: Can I use Activated Carbon instead of silica gel as a desiccant?
A: No. Activated Carbon adsorbs only VOCs. To adsorb moisture, you will still need a clay or silica gel desiccant pack.

Q: Should the Activated Carbon bag be placed at the top or bottom of my gun safe?
A: Most, but not all, VOCs are heavier than air. So the best location for an Activated Carbon bag is at the bottom. But it is always best
A: to hang the bag (so air flows around all sides) rather than just laying it in the bottom of your gun safe.

Do not use in conjunction with a VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) Emitter. The activated carbon will adsorb the VCI vapors and become
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Tyvek is a registered trademark of DuPont.
Made in USA

Length 6.5″
Width 5″
Thickness 3/4″
Fill Material Activated Carbon from Coconut Shells
Fill Weight 150g (5.3oz)
Total Bag Weight 154g (5.4oz)
U.S. Standard Sieve Size (Mesh Size) 12x40
Bag Material Tyvek® (a non-woven HDPE fabric)
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