Powder Measure Ground Cord
Powder Measure Ground Cord
Ground Cord installed on Powder MeasureGround Cord Drawing
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This cord grounds your Dillon Powder Measure to bleed off static charge and prevent ESD. It plugs into any grounded outlet. The 8 foot length is sufficient to reach most wall outlets.
ESD = Electrostatic Discharge

A Quick-Disconnect, located 6″ from the powder measure, makes toolhead changes possible without disconnecting the ground cord from the powder measure. Two Powder Measure Harnesses are included. Additional Powder Measure Harnesses are available so that every powder measure you own can have its own dedicated ground harness.

NEMA 5-15 Plug
The NEMA standared plug inserts into any US/Canadian 3-pin grounded wall outlet. Although the plug has three prongs, only the Ground (round pin) is connected to the wire. The Hot and Neutral (flat blades) are not connected to anything but help hold the plug securely in the outlet. The interior of the plug body is backfilled with an insulating potting compound.

Safety Surge Resistor
A 100kΩ resistor is installed inside the NEMA plug to protect from any shock if the ground accidentally becomes electrified (e.g. from a lightning strike or a short between Hot and Ground). It also prevents the possibility of a spark when reconnecting the ground cord during toolhead changes.

Highest Quality Components
This Ground Cord is custom made for UniqueTek at a US company that has been making wiring harnesses for commercial and industrial customers for 20 years. They use only high quality components and the work is done by a staff of highly skilled technicians.

Kit Includes
1 Ground Cord
2 Powder Measure Wire Harnesses^

^ Additional Powder Measure Wire Harnesses are available in 2-packs.

Q: Can this be used on other presses and powder measures?
A: Yes. Although designed with the ring lugs needed for a Dillon powder measure, it can easily be attached to many other powder measures. The photo at right shows it attached to an RCBS Quick Change Powder Measure (Model: 98840) on a Pro Chucker 7 press. In this case you need only attach the #10 Ring Lug to the CAPM Back Bracket (#7788949).
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  * For use in United States and Canada only. Do not attempt to use on other electrical systems. Made in USA Logo

Length 8ft (2.4m)
Wire Gauge 20 AWG, Stranded, Copper
Wire Insulation Super-Tough PVC, Green
Safety Resistor 100kΩ, 0.5 Watt, Tolerance ±5%
Plug NEMA 5-15P

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 3 reviews: 5.0
The final step in the processI think that if you live in a high-static area (very low humidity) and you've already worked your way through the items in the tips file then this is what you need to finish off the job. Prior to starting I was seeing >0.1g deviation on about 10% of drops (nominal 3.7g WST). After polishing, moving to a good micrometer, extra funnel baffle etc etc I was down to 85% of loads within 3.68-3.72g with all the outliers being within 0.1g - measured over 100 loads. Adding the ground cord brought this to 96% and the outliers were 0.04g (3 at 3.66g and one at 3.74) - again measured over 100 loads.
Couple of points here - WST is a known problem child for static being a small flake powder with graphite coating, unless you are in a high static environment this is unlikely to help much.
Written by Derek Bergin on Mon 31 Jan 2022 6:19:30 PM GMT
Impressive design with quality constructionOver the years, I've implemented several powder measure improvements from tips file #1: 26 Tips for Powder Measure Accuracy - so was excited to see that UniqueTek offers a powder measure grounding cord (tip 12). I recently installed this solution on two RL550B presses. The instructions were very easy to understand. Installation took about 5 minutes. I was impressed by the attention to detail in the selected components, and quality of construction. This product definitely meets high quality standards I appreciate from UniqueTek products,

And now for the results ...
Before installing this solution, powder drops with ball pistol powders normally saw a +/- 0.10 grain variance every ~10 drops.
After installing this solution, I saw similar +/- 0.10 grain variances; but they decreased to every ~20 to ~25 drops. I also noticed that powder granules were no longer clinging to the sides of the powder measure. I think draining the powder hopper is also easier (fewer granules "hanging on" in the hopper).

A couple of notes ...
- After installation, I followed additional "tips" that were included in the instructions. Very helpful.
- Average temperature in my reloading room is 70F with average humidity of 38-45% (depending on season)
Written by Casey Bonebrake on Sat 18 Dec 2021 4:13:16 PM GMT
PIECE OF MIND EXTRA SAFETY MEASUREI just installed the powder measure ground cord andI feel it gives me another layer of safety while reloading. The installation was very straight forward and works well with the Powder Measure Quick Change, QD Tab.
Static buildup can be very dangerous or possibly deadly, so I feel this is a very inexpensive insurance policy.
Written by Rick Perini on Tue 23 Nov 2021 8:12:00 PM GMT
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