TASER Pulse+
TASER Pulse+
Pulse Cartridges - 2 Included / Replacements Available in 2-PacksSoft Carry Sleeve - Included!Nylon Holster w Strap - Included!Pulse+ in Soft Carry SleevePulse+ in Nylon Holster - Right HipPulse+ in Nylon Holster - Cross DrawNoonlight App - Free Trial Included
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Personal safety has never been more complete with the TASER Pulse+ device. Weighing in at just 8 ounces, this high-tech, intuitively-designed device is revolutionizing the self‑defense market and helping people go wherever they want with more confidence. Your Pulse+ has an ideal 15′ shooting range and can provide a 30‑second muscular override to would-be attackers.

Special Bundle Includes:
Pulse+ Device
2 Live Cartridges
2 CR123 Batteries
Conductive Practice Target
Noonlight App Free Trial
Soft Carry Sleeve
Nylon Holster with Strap

Sights and Flashlight
In addition to the Fixed Sights, a Flashlight and Targeting Laser are activated when you turn on the Pulse+. This aids in target visibility and targeting.

Noonlight App IntegrationNoonlight App
The Pulse+ also integrates with Noonlight, a safety platform that wirelessly connects your Pulse+ device to your phone. Backed by live dispatchers, Noonlight will send emergency personnel to your location whenever your Pulse+ is fired. This is the Mobile Sidekick you've always wanted.
   – iOS app supports iOS 8+.
   – Android app supports API level 19+ (Android 4.4 KitKat).
   – Check the Noonlight website for more information.

Replacement Pulse Cartridges
Although two Pulse Cartridges are included in the Taser Pulse+ Kit, additional
Pulse Cartridges are highly recommended as you'll want to practice … just
like any other self-defense product.
Item #: T1810-02 = $69.95 SALE = $58.95 (2-pack)

Powerful Protection
30-second muscular override gives you time to get away. Contact stun capabilities for close range interactions.
Emergency Dispatch
Your TASER Pulse+ purchase comes with a free trial of
Noonlight, which can dispatch emergency teams to your GPS location upon firing.
Safe Escape Guarantee
Taser will replace your TASER device free of charge if fired in self‑defense.

See How the Taser Pulse+ Works

To see the instructional videos listed below, Click Here
Pulse+ Parts & Function
Pulse+ Battery Installation/Replacement
Pulse+ Cartridge Installation

A Cell Phone (not included) and the Noonlight app are required for Emergency Dispatch.
Android is a trademark of Google, Inc.
iOS is a trademark of Cisco Systems, Inc.
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Purchase/Ownership Restrictions
State regulations vary, so consider your state before purchasing.
To check your state regulations, Click Here.

As State and local regulations are constantly being changed, It is your responsibility to determine if ownership is legal before purchase.
We cannot sell to:
Rhode Island: Not legal for Civilian or Security Guard use/possession.
Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota: A background check is required before purchase.
Massachusetts: Resident Firearms License and MA Basic Firearms Safety Course certificate
must be submitted to purchase.
Canada: Tasers are a "Prohibit Weapon" and civilian use/possession is illegal.

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