Automatic Casing Catcher
Automatic Casing Catcher
Automatic Casing Catcher on AR Rifle.Automatic Casing Catcher on AR Rifle.
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The Automatic Casing Catcher attaches easily to all Mil Spec AR-15 Lowers. Holds up to 40 .223/5.56 casings.

Leaves Picatinny Rail Free
Since it attaches to the mag well, your picatinny rail is free for mounting scopes or other accessories.

Automatically Empties
The Automatic Casing Catcher has a trap door that is held closed by the magazine*. When you remove the magazine the trap door is allowed to swing open, automatically emptying the catcher. So when you insert a loaded magazine, the catcher is empty and ready to go.
* Must be a 20rd or greater capacity magazine.

🚫 No mesh bag to melt, no Velcro to wear out and no zipper to jam!

1 Automatic Casing Catcher
2 Straps

To See The Simple 5 Step Installation Instructions, Click Here!

US Patents 10,184,740 B1 and 9,915486 B1. Made in USA Logo

Material Nylon
Color Black
Weight 6.18 oz
Width 4″
Height 6″
Depth/Thickness 2.5″
capacity Up to 40 ads

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 2 reviews: 4.5
Almost perfectThis design is superior to the mesh style brass catchers. It does a great job. The mag release is still accessible. The only real complaint I have is that the clip that holds it to the receiver can come undone sometimes. Written by leadhoarder on Sun 19 Feb 2023 5:16:43 AM GMT
Necessary tool to save that brass you’ve worked so hard to prep.This is a great tool for saving your brass and your back. If you’re at the range, you know for a fact that the brass that you dump out is yours. As we all know, brass prep is the most tedious part of reloading. If I know that my brass doesn’t have to have the crimp removed before I reload it again,I’m a happy camper.
Just drop the mag, open the door and dump YOUR brass into your range bag.

It installs in seconds. So it’s very easy to switch between guns.
Written by Rick Perini on Wed 25 May 2022 8:25:36 AM GMT
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