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The BEML II is a non-mechanical, simple loading tool that loads all popular pistol magazines from .45 ACP to .25 calibers. And it fits in your shirt pocket!

Easy Loading
1) Place Bullet on the BEML with thumb firmly over center.
2) Rest BEML prongs over magazine for the full length of the seat.
3) Press down firmly on magazine keeping BEML centered over seat.
4) Slide Bullet into magazine and then retract BEML.

New Double-Ended Model - Loads Cartridges Down to 25 Caliber!
The original "BEML" was a single-ended loading tool that could only load .380 Auto to 45 ACP. Due to popular request, the BEML II is now a double-ended tool that can also load .32 to .25 calibers. Rather than discard all of the original BEML tools, they have been modified to the double-ended version. So they may not be picture perfect … but they work great!

Tested and Confirmed to Work with
Pardini 32 Long, 32 ACP and 22LR.
Hammerli 208, 208S and International.

May Also Work with Certain .22 Rimfire Magazines
Although the BEML II was designed for cartridges as small as .25 caliber, it will work with certain .22 rimfire magazines. The limiting factor is the width of the lips at the front of the magazine. Below are a few .22 rimfire magazines that we were able to test.
Works OK on KelTec P17 magazines .
Works OK on Butler Creek 25/22 magazines for the Ruger® 10/22 rifle.
Works perfectly on CmmG 22LR Conversion Kit magazines.
Works perfectly on Chiappa M4-22 Series magazines.
Works OK on Remington Nylon 66 magazines.
Works perfectly on Armi Jager AP-74 magazines.
Will not work on any Ruger® MK Series or 22/45® Magazines.
Will not work on Buck Mark Magazines.
Will not work on High-Standard Magazines.
Will not work on S&W 41, 422 or 622 Magazines.

As Reviewed in Gun Digest.
The original BEML was featured in the November 4th, 20020 issue of Gun Digest. You can read it at the link below.

About the Designer
The BEML was designed by Ben J. A. Overmars, Sr. In the early 1960s, Ben lost his left arm above the elbow in a horrific auto accident. Despite this trauma, Ben hardly considers himself handicapped. In fact, his use of only one hand was the driving force behind some of his ideas and products. The BEML pistol magazine loader is one of these.
The BEML II carries a lifetime manufacturer's warrantee if used for the intended purpose. BEML Instructions
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Length (overall) 4.75″
Width (at widest point) 0.875″
Weight 0.72oz (20.5g)

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 5.0
A Very Practical Item!Looks unusual ... but it works! Took it to a local club shoot. Everyone who tried it was surprised how well it worked. Severla Sub-Gun shooters found it very useful for getting those last few rounds into the magazines. I teach a Firearm Fundamentals class and have been showing it off to students. Again, everyone thinks it looks strange ... but it works! Written by Gene H. on Mon 10 Oct 2022 5:22:13 PM GMT
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