Target Stencil - IPSC
Target Stencil - IPSC
IPSC Stencil Spray Painted onto Scrap Cardboard
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This Target Stencil is designed to allow the shooter to take trash cardboard, add a cheap can of spray paint and create quality practical training targets. It is the same dimensions as the current standard IPSC target.*

Heavy Duty 10mil Mylar
The Target Stencil is made from extra thick 10mil Mylar material and is endlessly reusable.

$22.95 — Plus $4.00 Flat Rate Shipping †

† Flat Rate Shipping covers the lower 48 US States only. For all other destinations, please call for a shipping estimate.

TIP: Instead of spray paint, try a "Valve Tip Paint Marker" (e.g. the Milwaukee INKSALL Liquid Paint Marker).


They dry almost instantly and leave a sharper line than spray paint … especially around the outer perimeter. They are also less messy than spray cans and small enough to put in your shirt pocket!

* Targets made using this stencil are not "official" and cannot be use in actual competition.
** Valve Tip Paint Marker not included and shown only as an example.
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