ZERO 38 Cal. HBWC Powder Funnel
ZERO 38 Cal. HBWC Powder Funnel
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This Powder Funnel is specially designed for the needs of bullseye shooters loading the ZERO Bullets 148 grain Hollow Base Wad Cutter (HBWC) bullet in .38 Special cartridges. These bullets are much longer than normal bullets and seated flush to the case mouth. The original powder funnels just don't reach deeply enough into the case to properly prepare the case for seating these bullets withough sweging the bullet base. Can also be used with the the ZERO DEWC version of this bullet.

NOTE: A Lee factory Crimp die must be used with this powder funnel.

Precision Machined from 12L14 Steel
Case Hardened to RC55+
Expander Tip Dimensions Optimized for use with the ZERO .358″ 148gn HBWC Bullet
Highly Polished Expander Tip for Smooth Release
Smoother Interior for Smooth Powder Flow
Drop In Replacement for Original Dillon Powder Funnel *
Works on RL 550, XL 650, Xl 750, RL 1050, Super 1050 and RL 1100 Presses †
* Powder Die adjustment will still be required.
† Will not work on SDB press because the shellplate begins indexing before the powder funnel clears the case mouth.

How does this powder funnel compare to the original .38 Spl. HBWC Powder Funnel (T1735-02)?
Here is an explaination from the designer.
"Difference comes from the bullet’s dimensions. Zero is “skinny” in comparison with Remington HBWC – 0.3585” OD versus 0.3605” +. So it makes Zero closer to most DEWC bullets OD wise (and PTU sized for those). Yet, Zero is loooong, just as long as Remington, - in 0.625” OAL range. Hence if someone to use HBWC version PTU, Zero would sunk in all way down without any resistance and no neck tension at the base of the bullet – not good! If someone to use DEWC PTU, in order to get Zero bullet down to proper seating depth without swaging base of the bullet, case would have to be expanded with mouth getting to Philadelphia bell size. Needless to say, accuracy of the resulting ammo would be compromised with either HBWC or DEWC PTUs. If that doesn’t present concern, Zero bullets can be loaded with either. I personally loaded Zeros with HBWC version of PTU. However I load 38WC on RL1050. I have taper crimp on station 6, and then Lee FCD with crimp portion removed (lifted) on station 7. Yet, I didn’t feel that accuracy was adequate. That’s what drove me to machine dedicated PTU for Zeros. Pretty much market driven, as there are no more Remingtons. The only viable and more or less stable alternative is Zero (both HBWC and DEWC versions)!"
— Alex Poltorak

Recommended Reading
The following article by Ed Harris contains tips on reducing bullet deformation while seating and on full length sizing for reloading either DEWC or HBWC bullets.

These postings on the Bullseye Forum discuss how loading HBWC requires attention to details with crimping and sizing cases back to specs. In particular, note the posts by David Wilson / fc60 and pay close attention to his explanation of brass expansion/bulging at the tapered area.

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