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UniqueTek is an Authorized Dealer of Redding Reloading Equipment.
Reloading Equipment Proudly Manufactured in America
on American Machinery Since 1946
100% American Made

Redding Product Inventory:
Although UniqueTek is still an Authorized Redding Dealer, we are not currently maintaining stock of most Redding products. But we can order any Redding Reloading products currently in their catalog, as well as custom series dies. If there is something you need, please call us.

Custom and International Orders:
Custom Orders and International Orders don't upset us! If you need anything, from custom die sets to simple replacement parts, just let us know. We also routinely ship outside the US to countries as close as Canada and as far away as Australia.

What Else Does UniqueTek Have?
UniqueTek carries a wide selection of additional products for shooting and reloading.
Please visit our home page and see our complete line of products.

Redding Literature
2020 Redding Reloading Catalog
To view the complete 2020 Redding Reloading Equipment catalog, just click on the image at right. The catalog is in PDF format.
(Be patient as it is a 3.0MB download.)
2020 Redding Catalog
SAECO Product Flyer

The SAECO Flyer contains more detailed information about the SAECO Bullet Casting Products than is in the Redding Product Catalog. In particular, it has a complete list of bullets for which molds are currently available. To view the SAECO Product Flyer, just click on the image at right. The flyer is in PDF format.

Ammunition Reloading Guide

Redding has teamed with Handloader Magazine ( to produce an outstanding basic handloading guide. It is the perfect photographic "How Too" for the beginning reloader to understand the tools and techniques needed to produce outstanding ammunition quickly, effectively and at a real cost savings over factory loads. Redding provides this guide as a PDF file that may be downloaded and printed for your review and to keep in your loading library. To download, just click on the image at right.

Ammo Reloading Guide
Handloading... The Wandering Narrative - Part II

This narrative, written by Joe D'Alessandro, describes and compares various single stage presses ... including an excellent description of the Redding T-7 Turret Press. To download, just click on the image at right.

Handloading ... The Wandering Narrative Part II
Redding Die Caliber Reference Chart - 2020

This chart lists every cartridge for which Redding Reloading currently makes dies. It is indexed by Cartridge and Cailber and indicates the Die Series, Shellholder and Pilot No. for each cartridge. It also contans a list of popular Case Forming Dies. To download, just click on the image at right.

Die Caliber Reference Chart

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