Specialty Dies
Specialty Dies
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ARIES Powder Ram (SKU: T1308)ARIES Powder Ram (SKU: T1308)Powder Compression Die compresses powder before the bullet is seated, preventing bullet deformation and accuracy loss. Available for for rifle cartridges using .224, .243, .264, .284, .308 and .45 caliber bullet, and for 9mm, .38 cal. and .45 cal. pistol cartridges. See the product page for complete information.
Lee Universal Case Expanding Die (SKU: T1308-01)Lee Universal Case Expanding Die (SKU: T1308-01)Lee Universal Case Expanding Die gently flares the case mouth to accept cast bullets without shaving. Includes expander plugs for .22 cal through .45 cal.
QuikLoader (SKU: T1761)QuikLoader (SKU: T1761)QuikLoader puts a 3° SASS-legal taper in the leading 1/2″ of your 12‑gauge shotshells to facilitate the feeding shotshells into your shotgun and cut seconds off your score. No more fumbling! (T1761)
Stuck Case Remover Kit (SKU: T1663)Stuck Case Remover Kit (SKU: T1663)The UniqueTek Stuck Case Remover kit allows you to quickly remove stuck cases from sizing dies without damaging the Die Body or the Expander/Decap assembly. It is unique in that it utilizes the power of your single-stage press to remove the stuck case.
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