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ATA - Amateur Trapshooting Association
Arizona Citizens Defense league, Inc. - An all volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to protecting and expanding the rights of law-abiding gun owners in Arizona.
CBA - The Cast Bullet Association, Inc.
Gun Owners of America - The only no-compromise gun lobby in Washington.
ICORE - International Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts
IDPA - International Defensive Pistol Association
IHMSA - International Handgun Metallic Silhouette Association
IPSC - International Practical Shooting Confederation
IPSC - International Practical Shooting Confederation - Sweeden
ISSF - International Shooting Sport Federation
NBRSA - National Bench Rest Shooters Association
NHFDAY - National Hunting and Fishing Day, celebrated the fourth Saturday of every September, promotes outdoor sports and conservation.
NRA - National Rifle Association
NSCA - National Sporting Clays Association
NSSA - National Skeet Shooting Association
NSSF - National Shooting Sports Foundation
OWSSS - Old West Shooting Society Switzerland
PALMA USA - United States PALMA Team
RCSA - Rimfire Challenge Shooting Association
SAF - Second Amendment Foundation
SASS - Single Action Shooting Society
SAAMI - Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute
SCSA - Steel Challenge Shooting Association
Trigger The Vote - NRA's national voter registration campaign, sponsored by the NRA Freedom Action Foundation!
USA Shooting - The National Governing Body for the Olympic Shooting Sports
USPSA - United States Practical Shooting Association
USPSA Nationals - Match Schedule & Information

Gun Shows and Shooting Ranges

Where To Shoot - The Most Comprehensive Listing of Hunting and Shooting Facilities. Provided by the National Shooting Sports Foundation.
Gun Shows USA - Find a Gun Show
Introduction to Range Safety & Etiquette - A video Introduction to Range Safety & Etiquette from the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

Gunpowder Manufacturers

Most powder manufacturers have downloadable reloading guides on their web site.

Accurate (Western Powders Inc.)
Ramshot (Western Powders Inc.)
Winchester Winchester Powder is now supplied by Hodgdon. This link will take you to the Winchester Smokeless Propellants web site developed by Hodgdon.

Reloading Equipent Manufacturers

Ammo Load Worldwide, Inc. - Manufacturer of Automatic Loading and Reloading Equipment for Handgun & Riffle Ammunition
Camdex Automatic Ammunition Systems - High speed equipment for loading and reloading ammunition and support equipment for sorting mixed range brass, reconditioning fired cases and packaging loaded rounds.
Dillon Precision
Forster Products - Manufacturer of Reloading Tools and Gunsmithing Tools for handloading ammunition and gun work.
Hornady Manufacturing Company
Lee Precision, Inc.
Lyman Products Corporation
MEC Reloaders - Reloading equipment for shotshells.
Ponsness Warren - Reloading equipment for both metallic cartridges and shotshells.
Redding Reloading Equipment
Spolar - Spolar Gold Premier Reloader for shot shells.

Dillon Press Upgrade Links

Mr. Bulletfeeder - A Bulletfeeder for Dillon Super 1050, RL-1050, RL-1000, XL-650 and RL550B presses.
Dillon RL550B Powder Measure Retrograde - Instructions for converting the Dillon Auto Powder Measure from the new style with anti-return cam to the old style with dual return springs. NOTE: Eric Wesselman's web site has been taken down. But you can find plenty of information in forums by searching for "Eric Wesselman Dillon Powder Measure Retrograde".
Dillon XL650 Reloading Utility - Utility program for owners of a Dillon XL650 Progressive Loader. Current version v2.3.x
Ponsness/Warren - Auto-Drive Electric System for the Dillon 1050 press.
Whidden Gunworks - Floating die toolheads for the Dillon 650 press.


1911 Forum - A Forum for 1911 owners
AR15 Forums - Home of the Black Rifle
AR-15 Rifle Vault - Gateway To AR-15 Rifle Information
Brian Enos Forum - The oracle for all things informational
Bullseye-L Internet Forum - A forum for Bullseye Pistol Shooters – Firearms, Guns & Weapons community discussion forums. Galleries, Reviews, Articles, Links and much more.
Glock Handgun Forum - Gateway To Glock Handgun Information
Glock Talk Forum - A Forum for all things Glock Forum - A handloading forum
Shotgun Vault - Gateway To Shotguns and Shotgun Accessories.
The High Road Forum - An online discussion board dedicated to the discussion and advancement of responsible firearms ownership.

Our Advertising Partners

American Rifleman - An Official Journal of the National Rifle Association. See our ad in the Classified section of 2008 issues.
Front Sight - The Official Journal of the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA)
Gun Industry Marketing by ArmsVault - ArmsVault offers gun industry advertising, custom web design, e-commerce solutions, consulting, and more. As a Second Amendment supporters, ArmsVault has a vested interest in your gun related business succeeding.
Gun Videos Blog - The name says it all! Gun videos is what we are all about.
Handloader - Ammunition Reloading Journal
NRA Business Alliance - A "Cyber Directory" of America's Businesses that Support the NRA
NSSF "Find a Retailer" - Locate NSSF Member Retailers by State.
NSSF "Marketplace" - An extensive searchable database of retailers, wholesalers and distributors. Not limited to NSSF members but all NSSF members are listed.
Red Chute Gazette - An Internet only magazine published monthly with the goal of promoting American Skeet within the National Skeet Shooting Association's Zone 6.
Tactical Journal -The official publication of the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA)
The Cowboy Chronicle - The Monthly Journal of the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS)

Link Trade Partners
Below is our list of link trade partners. The list got so large that it was difficult to see for forest for the trees. So I broke them out into categories. If you have a link with us and want it moved to a different category, just drop me an email. — Lee

Books, References, Guides, Etc.

Firearms Multimedia Guide — Firearms Guide is now an online subscription service rather than a DVD! It is available online 24/7 and being updated continuously.

Bullets, Brass, Powder, Primers and Loaded Ammunition

Ammo Seek - Ammunition Search Engine - AmmoSeek is an ammunition search engine to help gun owners find in stock ammo at the best prices available online.
Ammunition Superstore - The best place to buy ammo online. Cheap ammo, bulk ammo, wholesale ammo, whether you are a dealer, or a retail buyer. We stock tons of ammunition and purchase by the pallet directly from the manufacturer, and pass the bulk savings to our customers.
Berger Bullets - Match Grade Quality Bullets: Varmint, Target, Hunting, Tactical.
Diamond K Brass - Diamond K Brass Co. is committed to supplying premium quality fired brass to the reloading community. All our brass is gathered, cleaned, and separated by hand.
Hunters Supply - We manufacture hard cast lead bullets for cowboys, hunters and shooters.
Magnus Bullets - Record Setting Hard Cast Pistol & Rifle Bullets
Ken's Brass - Used brass and projectiles for reloaders who want to stretch their reloading and shooting dollar.
Meister Bullets Inc. - Casting Quality Bullets Since 1971
Obsolete Ammo - Obsolete Ammo and other custom loaded cartridges by Bob Shell.
Parabellum Research - A federally licensed manufacturer of small arms ammunition. Producers of the "Perfect Practice" line of ammunition.
Powder, Inc. - Black Powder for Shooters, and More. Master Distributor of GOEX Powders.
Rainier Ballistics - LeadSafe™ The BEST value in copper-plated handgun bullets
Sierra Bullets - Sierra - The Bulletsmiths
Space Coast Bullets - A licensed ammunition manufacturer offering a full line of ammo as well as reloading supplies. A Dillon authorized dealer but also carries Lee, RCBS, Lyman and Forster reloading equipment. Manufacturer of hard cast lead bullets in a variety of calibers and styles. Also stock jacketed pistol and rifle bullets plus a full assortment of powder, primers, and brass.
Spitfire - The most accurate wax bullets ever produced.
Top Brass - Top Brass reloading supply for handgun brass, rifle brass, bullets, and ammunition packaging by TopBrass from Scharch Mfg., Inc. for home reloading of ammunition components. Ammunition resource for the countrys leading handgun and shooting organizations like law enforcement agencies and cowboy shooters.

Cowboy Action Shooting: Accessories, Leather, Apparel, Etc

1880's etc. - Authentic Reproductions - For the discerning Ladies and Gentlemen seeking garments and accessories of a by gone era.
Old Pueblo Saddle Company - At Old Pueblo Saddle Company, we build saddles as they did in the days of the Old West , in both style and quality. The style of our saddles harkens back to the time of R.T. Frazier and S.C. Gallup, when Pueblo, Colorado was one of the capitals of saddlemaking.
Old Slapout's Holsters - Slapout delivers the best in 100 percent hand-made cowboy leather belts, holsters and gun leather accessories.
Old Trading Post - Old Trading Post has an incredible selection of handmade leather holsters, cowboy boots, moccasins, saddles, gloves, and other western wear.
Vintage & Antique Western Gun Leather, Old Gun Holsters, Antique Saddles - Vintage Gun Leather: Buyers and sellers of collector vintage western gun leather, old holsters and related items such as Antique Saddles, antique western belts, old western Gun Belts, vintage & old horse tack!
Wild West Mercantile - The biggest and best cowboy store in the world

Dog Training

Partners Dog Training School - The largest and highest rated dog training school in the Southwest. Programs avaliable for Puppy Training, Behavior, Aggression, Snake Avoidance plus Boarding and Doggy Daycare. Group Classes and Private Lessons.

Firearms: Sales, Auctions, Antiques, Collectors, Etc.

Arizona Arms Association, Inc. - The oldest and largest Gun Collector's Organization in Arizona.
Arizona Gun Runners - Wholesale Distributor of Arms, Firearms, Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns, Machine Guns, Submachine Guns & Tactical accessories.
Florida Gun Supply/ - Online Gun Store.
Gallery of Guns - Gun Genie is our new state-of-the-art consumer firearm purchasing tool. and Gun Genie (formally Gun Locator) helps communicate firearms information to you and offers you an on-line solution to purchase firearms from a "Retailer Near You".
Firearms For You - Shop guns online from the experts at Firearms For You. We carry more than 26,000 weapons and accessories.
Guns For - Our Mission: To Offer Cheap Guns & Ammunition For Sale.

Forums, Blogs, Link Lists, and General Information.

ArmsVault - The ultimate gateway to firearms information
Bob Shell's Blog - A Custom Reloader of Obsolete and Antique Ammo, Bob Shell, writes about the subject of Guns, Ammo, Shooting and Related Subjects. - The Encyclopedia of Bullseye Pistol
Rimfire Central - A Forum for Rimfire Rifle & Pistol Shooters
Gun Made - A blog for AR-15 and gun lovers

Gun Cleaning, Lubricants, Tools, etc.

20/20 Concepts - Makers of the Safe "PatchWorm" Cleaning Rod

Gun Safes, Storage Cabinets, Pistol Stands, etc. - An educational resource providing information to help people know how to safely use and store their guns.
Safes - Online retailer of anti-theft, fireproof, steel and waterproof safes & lockboxes. Secure ordering. Direct delivery.
Store More Guns - Products to expand the capacity of any gun safe.

Gunsmiths, Custom Work

Apex Tactical Specialties, Inc. - State-Of-The-Art Smith & Wesson competition revolver action work.
Parts and Accessories for Cowboy Action Shooters
Saber River Gunsmithing - Gunsmithing ... "the Cowboy Way."
Whidden Gunworks - Custom hunting and competition rifle in calibers from .22 to .30, built by Long Range National Rifle Champion, John Whidden.

Holsters, Magazine Holders, etc.

CZ Custom - New online store of Angus Hobdell & Ghost Products Inc. Home of the CZ Custom Shop
DuelFire - The DuelFire Magazine Delivery System for Glock pistol magazines. Developed by cops for cops!
Gun Gear - Holsters, shoulder holsters, concealed packs, cases, hunting vests, grips

Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Guide Services, etc.

Brinlee Ranch Hunts - Brinlee Ranch is the premier destination for West Texas whitetail deer hunts. Offering fully guided & outfitted hunts on 60,000 acres. 125-150+ B&C whitetails. 100% success rates.
Camping Like a Champ - Online source for an entire selection of camping gear and equipment including backpacks, cookware, flashlights, tents, lanterns and sleeping bags.
Flyway Specialties - Home of the Easy-Up duck blind, decoys, raffia, turkey blinds and other unique hunting products.
Hunt & Fish North Carolina - North Carolina Sports! man is the leading source of hunting and fishing news, articles, reports, and information in the state.
Hunt & Fish South Carolina - South Carolina Sportsman is the leading source of hunting and fishing news, articles, reports, and information in the state.
Hunting and Environment/International - is a unique site trying to reconcile between sustainable hunting and the protection of biodiversity and globally endangered species. This is an International Site.
Louisiana Hunting - Louisiana Sportsman is the leading source of hunting and fishing news, articles, reports, and information in the state.
Mississippi Hunting & Fishing - The leading source of hunting and fishing news, articles, reports, and information in the State of Mississippi, visit our website for the latest news and field reports.
Montana Outdoor Store - Discount Sporting Goods, Hunting Gear, Camping Gear and Fishing Supplies for the outdoor enthusiast.
Sportsmans Acres Pheasant Hunts - The finest Pheasant Hunting South Dakota has to offer. 100% WILD South Dakota Ringneck Pheasants. Heart Pounding Action! Fabulous Whitetail Deer Hunting. Combo Hunts and all inclusive packages available.
Spreckels Guide Service - Spreckels Guide service is located in the Golden Triangle between Winner, Gregory and Chamberlain SD. We offer guided hunts for pheasant deer and turkey hunting.


Artisan Cutlery - High quality handmade knives for hunting, fishing, tactical, martial arts and even the kitchen!
Sonoran Desert Knives - "The West's Best Place for Knives" - The web's largest selection of Bowie Knives, Unique, Antquie, Vintage, Collectible and Custom Handcrafted Knives.

Lights: Flashlights, Spotlights, Tactical Lights, etc.

Larson Electronics - All types the highest quality hunting lights to exactly fit your hunting needs.

Pepper Spray

ASP Pepper Sprays - Defense Pepper Sprays.

Reloading: Presses, Dies, Tools, Load Data, etc.

Larry Willis at Innovative Technologies - Belted Magnum Collet Resizing Dies
Load - Over 96391 loads currently in our database!
Powder Valley, Inc. - Offering the finest in reloading components to the shooting and firearms fraternities
/K (Slash K) Guns of Tucson, AZ - The Reloading Specialists. A full service gun shop specializing in reloading equipment (Dillon Precision) and supplies as well as firearms instruction at all levels. We also manufacture and sell new and reloaded ammunition both wholesale and retail.

Scopes, Shooting Glasses, Range Finders, Night Vision

Decot Hy-Wyd Sport Glasses - For more than 50 years, DECOT HY-WYD SPORT GLASSES has been committed to providing the best sport and shooting glasses under the sun.
Night Vision Planet - One of the best night vision gear retailers on the market, trusted by hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, military and law enforcement personnel alike.
Night Vision Store - Since 1999, the Night Vision Store has delivered quality Night Vision equipment and precision Sports Optics at the lowest prices anywhere.
Scopecoat™ - The world's most trusted name in scope protection

Second Amendment

Arizona Citizens Defense League, Inc. - An all volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to protecting the self-defense rights of Arizona citizens.
Gun Owners of America - "The only no-compromise gun lobby in Washington.
KYANA GUNS - A portal for information concerning your gun rights, legislation, news, videos, resources and more!
Minute Man Review - Minute Man Review is one of the fastest growing 2nd amendment and gun blogs online. Since its inception in 2013, it has been covering gear reviews, citizen's rights, and reporting on the disturbing crackdown on free speech and activity both in the US and worldwide. Josh Montgomery, MMR's founder, runs Minute Man Review in his spare time and actively documents the Texas secessionists movements from his home in Austin, Texas.

Shotgun, Trap, Skeet, Sporting Clays, etc.

Bruce Bowen & Company - Trap Guns of Exceptional Quality
Red Chute Gazette - An Internet only magazine published monthly with the goal of promoting American Skeet within the National Skeet Shooting Association's Zone 6.

Tactical Gear

GMS Tactical - Everything Tactical at Great Prices. Based in Mesa, AZ.
Miles Tactical - Tactical Equipment for Military and Law Enforcement
Rocky Mountain Tactical - Home of The Best Single Point Tactical Slings and 2-Point Tactical Slings on the market including – The Summit Tactical Sling, The Delta Tactical Sling, The Y Tactical MOLLE vest sling, and our 2-Point Quick Adjust Sling.
The Wilderness™ Tactical Products - Home of the new Titanium Instructor Belt™
Vang Comp Systems -The Leader in Tactical Shotguns
Veriforce Tactical - Veriforce Tactical provides rifle, shotgun and handgun accessories. Tactical gear designed for all types of rifles and guns including ruger, HK, FN-FAL, Enfield Mark, Glock, AR, M1, and other assorted makes and models.

Targets, Target Stands, etc.

ALCO Target Company - Your Premier Source for Targets and Accessories.
EZ2C Targets - Great practice targets for shooters - HandGun Sports - Portable steel targets for action shooting.
HoserCam™ - Wireless action shooting camera: See what you've been missing!
Long Shot Steel Targets - Easily portable steel targets, laser cut from 3/8" thick AR500 or regular steel for pistol and rifle.
Target Stands by Tuffsteel - Stackable, stake-able, institutional quality since 1999
Target Barn - Highest quality targets to the shooting public.

Training, Ranges, etc. - Children & Gun Safety.
Alpha Mike Shooters - The Friendliest USPSA Shooting Club in Texas.
Babes with Bullets - Introducing Women to Shooting Sports.
DR Performance Shooting - Shooting Training and Coaching by Dave Re.
KR Training - Firearms and Self-defense Classes in Austin, TX
Personal Defense, Fitness & Wellness, LLC - Firearms Training including CCW and NRA Approved Pistol and Personal Defense courses plus Fitness & Wellness. Woman owned and catering to training women. NRA Certified Instructor.
Shepherd School Inc - We provide firearm training in Nashville, Tennessee. Including NRA, TN Department of Safety Carry Permit, and TN Dept of Commerce and Insurance Security Guard Classes.
Target Barn Stage Builder - Online Tool for creating USPSA and IDPA match stages - The resource for firearms training in Arizona. Arizona is a gun-friendly state. Safety & marksmanship matter. Get trained.
Ultimate Accessories - Firearms Training & Accessories for Active Sportsmen

Miscellaneous Shooting Accessories

100 Straight Products, Inc. - Home of the TERMINATOR Recoil Pad
Buffer Technologies - Recoil Buffers for most popular pistols & rifles. (Now owned by CJ Weapons Accessories.)
CTK Precision - Manufacturer of shooting rests, gun vises, monopods and gun levels. Increase your shooting time by maximizing your firearm efficiency.
Original Bob Sled - Allows loading and firing of single rounds during competition, at the benchrest, or out varmint shooting. - A web site for small caliber and varmint shooters.
TechWearUSA - TechWearUSA produces the worlds finest custom Ink Dye Sublimation polo shirts, using the highest tech fabrics available.
Timney Triggers - A fine rifle is no better than its trigger. Timney Triggers is one of the oldest and largest replacement trigger manufacturers in the world.
Mighty Skins - Create Custom Gun Wraps for your fireams. Mighty Skins provides top quality protective vinyl skins for firearms … and all your electronic gadgets too!

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