Mk-II/Mk-III Accessories
Mk-II/Mk-III Accessories
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Magazine Vise Block (SKU: T1707)Magazine Vise Block (SKU: T1707)This Magazine Vise Block holds your firearm in an upright position for cleaning and gun-smithing tasks. Fits into any bench vise and supports most single-stack 22LR pistols. See web page for fit list.
MK-II Extended Magazine Release (SKU: T1401)MK-II Extended Magazine Release (SKU: T1401)MK-II Extended Magazine Release made by Ranch Products provides increased length and better purchase for faster, easier magazine changes. Fits all Ruger MK-I and MK-II pistols. Available in black or stainless finish.
Thumb Saver (SKU: T1299-01)Thumb Saver (SKU: T1299-01)A simple solution for preventing sore thumbs and reducing loading time with .22 cal. magazines! Fits Ruger Mark I/II/III/IV and 22/45, Browning Buckmark & Challenger III / Colt Woodsman & Huntsman / AMT Lightning, S&W 22A, 22S & 22 Victory and Beretta U22 Neos.
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