Sight Mounts
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Mini-14 Sight Mount (SKU: T1721)Mini-14 Sight Mount (SKU: T1721)Specifically for Rugerfont style="vertical-align:top; font-size:4pt;">® Mini-14font style="vertical-align:top; font-size:4pt;">® Rifles. It is one piece, solid, investment cast metal. Attaches to gas block … replacing top section of original gas block. Will NOT work with Heavy Barrels.
Optic Mount for Glock Pistols (SKU: T1597)Optic Mount for Glock Pistols (SKU: T1597)
SKS Sight Mount (SKU: T1718)SKS Sight Mount (SKU: T1718)This sight mount is designed specifically for SKS Rifles. Allows use of the original iron sights even with a scope mounted.
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