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Ammo-Burr Inner Chamfering Tool (SKU: T1722)Ammo-Burr Inner Chamfering Tool (SKU: T1722)The Ammo-Burr is an industrial quality tool for the inside deburring and chamfering of cases from 17-caliber up to 45-caliber.
Ammo-Burr Outer Chamfering Tool (SKU: T1723)Ammo-Burr Outer Chamfering Tool (SKU: T1723)The Ammo-Burr is an industrial quality tool for the outside deburring and chamfering of case mouths from 17-caliber and up!
Tool & Die Makers Kit (SKU: T1724)Tool & Die Makers Kit (SKU: T1724)Professional miniature demurring and scraping tools for providing a quality finish on small metal parts. Included six unique tools packaged in an attractive leather case. Perfect for gunsmithing!
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