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"GUARDIAN" Bolt Release Plate for Ruger 10/22 (SKU: T1691)"GUARDIAN" Bolt Release Plate for Ruger 10/22 (SKU: T1691)The "Guardian" Bolt Release Plate eliminates for Ruger 10/22 Rifles. Simply pulling back slightly on the bolt handle releases the bolt.
10/22 Extended Magazine Release (SKU: T1402)10/22 Extended Magazine Release (SKU: T1402)10/22 Extended Magazine Release is longer than the standard factory release, making it easier and faster to release the magazine on Ruger® 10/22® rifles. Drop-in fit requires no modification to the rifle. Avaialble in either black or stainless steel finish.
10/22 Magazine Assembly Tool Kit (SKU: T1688)10/22 Magazine Assembly Tool Kit (SKU: T1688)
1911 Recoil Buffer (SKU: T1748-02)1911 Recoil Buffer (SKU: T1748-02)1911 Recoil Buffer. Reduces felt recoil, enhances muzzle control and stops slide to frame impact. (T1748-02 4 per pack)
550/750 Primer Feed Stop (SKU: T1742)550/750 Primer Feed Stop (SKU: T1742)This Primer Feed Stop allows you to temporarily disable the RL 550 or XL 750 Primer System. It simply drops on top of the Primer Slide and keeps it in the out position. Perfect for when you are loading pre-primed brass. (T1742)
650 Bearing Indexer Block (SKU: T1705)650 Bearing Indexer Block (SKU: T1705)This Bearing Indexer Block provides smoother operation of the Indexer Ring on Dillon XL 650 presses. It also eliminates wear of and the need to lubricate the Indexer Ring.
650 Live Primer Chute (SKU: T1306)650 Live Primer Chute (SKU: T1306)The UniqueTek 650 Live Primer Chute Prevents primers from falling onto floor. It captures primers and holds them for reuse. The UniqueTek 650 Live Primer Chute is a "drop-in" replacement for the original Dillon Primer Chute (part #16210) and takes just minutes to install. (Note: May not fit certain older XL 650 presses. See product web page for complete details.)
66/73 Magazine Tube Plug (SKU: T1700)66/73 Magazine Tube Plug (SKU: T1700)Magazine Tube Plug for Wincheser and Uberti 1866 and 1873 Rifles.
66/73 Rifle Magazine Tube End Cap Wrench (SKU: T1380)66/73 Rifle Magazine Tube End Cap Wrench (SKU: T1380)66/73 Rifle Magazine Tube End Cap Wrench is the perfect tool for loosening or tightening the end caps on Winchester Model 1866 and 1873 magazine tubes.
A-Zoom Snap Cap - .44 Magnum (SKU: T1473-04)A-Zoom Snap Cap - .44 Magnum (SKU: T1473-04)A-Zoom® Snap Cap — .44 Magnum (6 per pack)
ACCU-Wedge (SKU: T1748-04)ACCU-Wedge (SKU: T1748-04)The ACCU-Wedge™ eliminates play between the upper and lower of AR-15/M-16 rifles. (T1748-04 2-pack)
Activated Carbon Gun Safe Bags (SKU: T1759)Activated Carbon Gun Safe Bags (SKU: T1759)Activated Carbon Adsorbent bags adsorb VOCs from inside your gun safe or gun storage cabinet. (Two individually sealed bags per package.) [T1759]
AR Bolt Catch Pin Punch (SKU: T1368)AR Bolt Catch Pin Punch (SKU: T1368)This AR Bolt Catch Pin Punch is specially designed for removing the AR-15 bolt catch pin.
AR Emergency Repair Kit (SKU: T1423)AR Emergency Repair Kit (SKU: T1423)This AR Emergency Repair Kit contains the parts that are most frequently lost or broken on AR-15 Rifles. Includes: Enhanced Extractor Spring, Take Down Detent and Spring, Firing Pin Retaining Pin, Buffer Retaining Pin and Spring, Hammer/Trigger Pin Set of 3 Gas Rings for Gas Impingement Rifles
AR-15 Upper Receiver Swab (SKU: T1697)AR-15 Upper Receiver Swab (SKU: T1697)This tool is just the ticket for swabing the crud out of an AR15 Rifle Upper Receiver.
Armor Shield CF33 VCI Emitter (SKU: T1685)Armor Shield CF33 VCI Emitter (SKU: T1685)ARMOR Shield® CF33 Corrosion Inhibiting Emitters are the most advanced VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) emitter available. Prevents rust in gun safes and gun storage cabinets. Two individually sealed emittersw per pack.
Bore-tips (SKU: T1507)Bore-tips (SKU: T1507)Bore-tips™ are tough, reusable foam tips engineered for a tight bore fit that provides 360 degree contact with the bore. No more messing with jags or having to load poor fitting patches to the cleaning rod. Washable and reusable. (See product web page to order the correct sizes for your firearms.)
Breaux Target Bottle Targets (3-Pk) (SKU: T1599)Breaux Target Bottle Targets (3-Pk) (SKU: T1599)Breaux Target Bottle Targets™ are molded from Riceylene®, an organic material derived from rice, that is easily penetrated by rimfire and centerfire ammunition* yet doesn't shatter. Each Bottle Target™ can be shot many times. Packaged in 3-packs or 48ct Bulk Box.
Bristle Pipe Cleaners (SKU: T1626)Bristle Pipe Cleaners (SKU: T1626)Bristle Pipe Cleaners are handy for cleaning small channels in firearms. The Nylon bristles provide extra scrubbing action. Packaged in a 90 count bag.
Bullet Seat Stem (SKU: T1561)Bullet Seat Stem (SKU: T1561)This custom bullet seat stem contacts SWC bullets at the shoulder, yielding consistent alignment and seating of SWC bullet profiles. Works equally well with FWC bullets! Fits Dillon "New Dynamic" Pistol Seat Die. Available in .45 cal., .40 cal. and .38 cal. (See web page to select the caliber you need.)
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